Thursday, November 13, 2008

New creations

The past few weeks I have completed 2 more quilts. I had one quilt top already put together, but never quilted. So I got busy with getting my batting, lining, new needle and thread together. I set up my quilt frame. I don't have a picture of it in action, but I will make a mental note to take a picture of quilting in progress.

This quilt is very simple. Large squares from my "fabric stash" stripped together with this awesome shiny silky fabric.Can you tell how pretty the stripping is? This is a single bed size quilt.

This next quilt,( I must confess), is kind of a "cheater" quilt. Well not kind of, it really is. I found this great piece of fabric. I liked it and bought all there was on the bolt while thinking "my it already looks like a quilt." So with keeping that in mind, I just teamed it up with batting and a coordinating matching sheet for the bottom and quilted it around the pre-printed design. And voila!! an instant quilt.
This one was so quick an easy. I will keep my eye open for some ideal fabric to do this again. I have a few more creations to work on in the coming weeks.



  1. I admire you quilters so much, Gin!
    Very pratty work!

    I've been to 2 quilting bees. One of them was for my daughter in law before she married my son. That was really fun.

    ~ Hearts ~

  2. Gin - - Your quilts are beautiful - - I have 2 questions - - 1. How do you get the quilt patches so PERFECTLY even? I've quilted - but I have not one quilt patch the same size :) #2. how do you find the time. Very organized I'm sure. Your quilts are beautiful !

  3. Your quilts are so pretty. I have a good friend who quilts, but I've never done it myself. I love quilts, but they are so expensive! So learning to make one is on my list of things to do. :)

  4. I am so totally jealous of these quilts! I have longed to have the time to make a throw quilt for my sofa to snuggle under but never see to find r make the time. I probably would be all thumbs anyway, so best leave it to those of you tht have the god given talent. Have you made any to sell? Maybe on etsy?
    Tammy ;D


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