Friday, January 30, 2009

What is today

What is today?
friday? technically yes, but not the answer
end of the month? technically yes, but no
brrrrrr cold? technically yes, but no
pay day? technically yes, but no

give up?
it's garage sale day on the way to work!!
today I went to 2. i bought a basketball goal for $1.
it is the red round iron goal. it has a almost new net on it and the screws are in a bag taped to
it. It's a heavy duty one with the triple hooks that holds the net.

why I wanted this you ask?
we always had one at home when the kids were growing up and it's still thee. I loved playing it just by myself while the kids were at school. and me and the kids would play horse and stuff with it. And then when their friends were over they would all play. I like basketball. Since we moved a few years ago, we never put one up. I wanted one again. Now I can play by myself and when the kids come we can play a game. Now I just have to buy a basketball.

Yippee! I can't wait to play.



  1. I think it's great exercise to shoot a few hoops.
    I wish we had some yard sales going on around here...I would love to find some bargains.

  2. Gin - - - - yippee ! ! ! When I get to come and visit - - that's what I want to do - You make it so much fun to go to your house !

  3. I played a little basketball in school and I really liked it! I'm not very cordinated though. Just tall. ☺


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