Monday, February 23, 2009

Gifts Galore

After being gone for several days, I came home to find some packages just for me. A package from Val. We had been talking about mardi gras fabric and I think I kind of gave her the wrong idea about something. And this is what she sent me. I love it. So cute and so very bright. Mardi gras fabric with masks and beads on it. And a mardi gras bead too. She's my blogger friend from Louisiana and I sent her one too. So we can do Mardi Gras!!
Then I opened a package from Kaye . So cute too. A donut with sprinkles!! the donut is a pin cushion. And the sprinkles are colored pins. How cute is that? And she sent me a wreath and holly pattern with coordinating fabric to make it. Kaye was so thoughtful. She won my giveaway in Whirl Into Winter and just loved her gift that she wanted to give me something.

Thank you Val and Kaye.

Also, I have sent out my PIF gifts. They are hot pot pads. Three people will be getting a package in the mail from me!!



  1. Hi Gin:
    Don't you love coming home to packages to open?
    Your hotpads are so cute!!

  2. YEAH! I got my Apron today and I wore it for something like 5 hours! It is AWESOME!
    I love your little donut and the cute PIFs you made!
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  3. Hi Gin! I'm finally getting around to posting the wonderful PIF gift you made for me. I do love it! It has a permanent place on the kitchen counter and comes in very handy!

    And leave it to Val to come up with such an awesome apron! CUTE!

  4. Gin - These are wonderful. I am so glad that you shared them with me! ~Kelly

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