Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday

It's another Vintage Thingie Thursday over at Coloradolady's. Check her out for more participants with their vintage thingies.

We have some of my husband Grandmother's items. She was a "city" lady, into clubs, meetings, etc. She is no longer with us, she was 97 years old when she passed. She woulld be like 110 years old today or older. So these may really be depression era wear. They may be antiques and not vintage. Several months after she passed away and her estate was settled, family were able to go into her house and choose items she had and keep them as momentos.

I choose these hats and they were in the original hatbox!!

The label is printed on the suede inside the large hat with the feather. The label reads Velusuede "The Artell--- Finish" "He--Polla Inc." "New York". "100% wool" I can't read some of the letters, I typed them with dashes.

We also have one of her hat boxes. Both hats were in this hat box when we claimed them.

I can picture her being dressed looking just like one of those ladies in an old movie with the straight dress and fancy hat on. She seemed so very high society like. Her house was huge, filled with large heavy furniture. When we visited she was very well mannered and such etiquette, serving tea or coffee on a tray and her buffet in dining room would be lined up with food, even though she did not know we were coming. She had a parlor with that linen wall paper with tiny red roses on it. I guess that was kind of victorian.

Well, I really don't know what era these things are from -- vintage, victorian, or depression. Give me your thoughts!!



  1. I'm not sure what era they are from but they are lovely. What a nice way to remember your husband's granmother.

  2. Nice hats, my Granny wore a hat everything she left the house She dies in 1964 at age 74, I think the ladies of that wore such pretty hats. I know you will treasure them

  3. Everytime she left the house...I can't even type.

  4. My grandmother also never left her house without a hat. I always loved those pretty hat..still do, but I would never be able to wear one myself. Happy VTT and hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Oh what a fun post!
    Hats were a must, back in the day.
    My mother wore a hat similar to the top one to her club meetings.
    Seamed hose, and suits too!
    Thanks for the nice memory.

  6. Those hats are truly amazing and i love the hatbox too :)

  7. Cool hats, Gin! What treasures! But at first glance, I thought this was going to be a puppy post! Ha-ha!

    If hats ever come back, I will be so there! I love them! I'm no expert but I'd say those hats were from the 30s.

    Have a great day, Gin! ♥

  8. Lovely. Don't you wish we could wear hats like that and get away with it?
    Grandmothers just seemed to have so much class, as you say.

  9. Those are so pretty. :)

    I wish people still dressed up to go out. That seems like it would have been so much fun and so much more special.

  10. the hats! Stop in at my bloggie and peek down at an older post...I love hats AND hat boxes! "MOMMAS" seem to have a very victorian feel! What a great keepsake!

  11. Beautiful! My mother was a hat lady. She was born in 1916 and I am sure she grew up seeing ladies in fine hats like these.

  12. Beautiful hats! I love the feathers! Both are so very elegant.

  13. Like your grandmother, both of mine wore hats, gloves, heels...the "whole 9 yards". They taught (or tried) to teach me to be a lady. I'm not sure it took but I miss those gracious days.

  14. I think the two feathered hats are
    probably the older of the four.
    They are all lovely and are a
    wonderful remembrance of a lovely
    person! I would google feathered
    hats and see what shows up!?

  15. lovely hat--I want to touch that feather!

  16. Based on the style of the hats and comparing them to my mom's, I'd say 1950s when she would have been in her 40s.

  17. they look very 50s to me, perhaps 40s? Either way I love them and think they are fabulous!

  18. Beautiful hats. I don't know what era, but I know when I was born in 1945 every picture it seemed my mom would have a hat on. I was born in St. Louis and when we moved out west to Calif. I didn't see the women wearing hats in the pictures any more. Guess it was more popular back east for the ladies and their hats.

  19. I love these. I would have said the 40's, but I'm no expert. I really love seeing all the great hats in old movies. It was just so classy.

    That feather looks like it's in great shape.

  20. Those are very nice looking hats - I'm glad you have them!

  21. What a wonderful remembrance of your husband's grandmother! I have no idea of the era, but they are fabulous!

  22. Gin and Larry

    Wished I could have met Larry's Grandmother =

    Her hats are beautiful and very rare and so precious to have

    You know me - - so I would say those hats are BEFORE World WAR ii began - when everything was fine = i've seen movies - (or it mite be W.W. I - I forget

    they are beautiful


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