Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Mushroom

YOE participants this month were to make an enchanted mushroom. I made one. The dog ate the bug off.
The dog ate the bug off the mushroom the night before it needed to be mailed. It couldn't be salvaged.

This mushroom took several days of decision making on what kind to make, finding a pattern, etc. I thought it was kind of cute with the enchanted dragon fly on it.

Ummmm. What to do?

But, now I have only 1 night left to come up with another enchanted mushroom/toadstool.  I went thru my stash of fabric and accessories -- throwing fabric around, hunting, digging to the bottom of the bin, looking through bin after bin of accessories --

And, there it was -- the perfect fabric. I could hear the music, I could envision the new mushroom. It would be perfect, better than the first one. With chenille for the top of the mushroom, kind of fuzzy like a real mushroom; With olive green checked for the underneath,; With light green plaid for the stem; And, a trio of tassels to top the mushroom.

  I cut out two circles, the olive checked a wee bit smaller than the chenille, sewed them right sides together, turned and stuffed. Then cut one rectangle of the plaid, sewed, turned and stuffed. Hand sewed the stem to the top. Strung the trio of tassels together with ribbon and sewed on top of the mushroom and added a ribbon for a hanger.

In a matter of a few hours, the new enchanted mushroom ornament was completed, boxed with the other goodies and ready for shipment to its new home!!

Whew! Nothing like burning the midnight oil in panic mode.



  1. Those mushrooms came out great! I can't believe dogs still eat stuff? I've never had a dog eat my homework (sorry, to say) nor anything else of mine...he, he, he....maye you need to take time out from sewing and feed your dog once in a while (wink) just kidding...I'm sorry, you probably didn't think it was funny at the time, but the main thing is you made your deadline.
    Great job!
    Have a lovely day :-)

  2. You are so talented- especially in panic mode.

  3. Oh how Creative ! That's the most decorative little mushroom I've ever seen! I also love the 'doillee' it's sitting on.
    Great job !

  4. I love it! Panic mode can sometimes bring out the best in us!

    Have you gotten YOURS yet?

  5. Both are just adorable.....I have a dog that likes to put everything in his mouth..He doesnt chew it or swallow it, but who wants something with dog slobber......

  6. Beautiful! I am so excited that you are my partner for this May! Mermaids will be fun!


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