Monday, July 26, 2010

A little work going on

Two swaps in July going down! One was aunt pitty pats pot holder swap. The other was YOE.
This is a crocheted sun bonnet pot holder .Never made one quite like this before. But I wanted something different. Found the pattern on the internet. It was quite easy to make. 

And the YOE for July was snails. This is a softie stuffed snail. It's a conglomeration of different patterns. I just kind of went with it and this is the creation it became. It kinda took on a life of its on. It's suppose to be an enchanted snail anyway.
Now I have Alice to think about. There is an Alice in Wonderland project here.

In closing, It just wouldn't be right if I had a water feature picture and didn't show you.  This picture sent to me via iphone courtesy from Jennifer's weekend trip to Destin, again.  I would have loved to been there myself and taken my own pictures but I was Molly sitting.



  1. Cute snail! I am doing the AIW swap too!!

  2. Very cute sunbonnet - - the snail is precious - - Very creative!

  3. Gin the Sunbonnet potholder is just adorable :)
    Cute snail....

  4. I ♥LOVE♥ my lil' sunbonnet, Gin!!! Thank you again sooo much!:)

  5. what great work! I adore the snail...with its ruffly shell :-)


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