Thursday, February 24, 2011


The "dog-child", (a.k.a. Poochie) has been ill. Nothing major. Just constant ear scratching.

Which calls for a vet visit before it gets any worse. I gathered her harness and leash and got her dressed for the ride to the vet, which is 22 miles away.. I even combed her coat real good so she would look nice and brushed her teeth. She likes to ride. But, she undoubtedly did not want to go to the vet,. She fussed all the way there.

Then the sad part. She was scared when we got called back to the exam room. She was shaking and didn't make a sound.

A change of attitude. After the exam is over and a well deserved treat, she thinks it is all over. That's her vet in the background updating her electronic chart and coming up with a diagnosis. 

All's well. Pay up and get our stuff and let's get out of here.

Diagnosis:  allergies, don't know what kind though.Only irritation on the inside of the flaps of her ears.

Treatment: steriod shot to relieve itching in the ears,; benedryl to relieve itching; and a change in diet to see if that is where the allergy is coming from. (Don't tell me another 10 years of allergy visits to the vet.)

Anyways, Good Doggie!

So, on the way home, we stopped and treated myself for being such a good dog-mom.



  1. This is a story that had a happy ending for both you and "Poochie".

  2. Was Poochie up all night after his shot? This is the same thing I go through with sinus/algeries and without anyone there to give me a treat!

  3. now she is happy!!!!!
    Just wanted you to know I hope to have your gnome package finished tomorrow.........


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