Friday, May 6, 2011

Random with cell

This week has gone by fast. It's already Friday.So here is a random view of my week.

Celebrated a 31st birthday for Brandon. Happy Birthday.

While sitting on the back porch late in the evening, we observed humming birds getting their a sip of nectar before dark. You have to look really close to see the little hummer on the edge of the feeder.

Clipped some good coupons (well, really only two coupons)  to use in the next week or two. Cut them out from my BHG magazine. We are going to treat ourselves to dinner for 2 for 20 bucks at Ruby Tuesdays. And a trip to Bed  Bath &  Beyond to save 20%  on a house gift for someone.

The worst part of any week is mopping, cleaning and scrubbing. And this week was no different. 

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