Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nine Things

January 9, 9pm, 9 things: * 4 birthdays this month (husband, son-in-law, brother, aunt) * clearance sale items included a batman tee and pair of Danskin workout shorts (total for both $5) * tonight house will get thorough cleaning and pick up, including (but not limited to) dust,sweep, mop, bed linens changed, bathrooms cleaned. This will result in zero time being spent on computer reading blogs and facebook. * rain everywhere. Suppose to be raining all day through Thursday. Seems like a long time for no change in weather. I see reports of flooded roads already. * day 3 of a 14 day GNC meal supplement, diet and exercise regime. So far. So good. * yum! it's king cake time. one a week is no problem here. this may alter my previous point. * dinner menu is one big pot of chili. meat, beans, tomatoes, rotel, spices served over fritos topped with shredded cheese. * can't wait for my next down home trip. Birthdays and babies will be on the agenda. * getting my plans in gear for the next holiday occasion. Well, technically it's not a holiday, but it is an occasion. Everyday should be Valentine's Day to show or tell your loved ones what they mean to you. I think I might just create a little valentine day act of love to a perfect stranger and share God's love. gin

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  1. And its my hubs birthday and its Butch's birthday on the 21st. Its a busy month


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