Thursday, January 3, 2013


Weeks can be very random. Sometimes things happen. Sometimes they don't.
This is where random pictures come in.

Thirteen days ago a sister celebrated her birthday. She had 3 different birthday parties given by her friends. Her family has yet to give her a party. I took this picture of her. Can you guess her birthday age?  (Hint: read her eyes)

Trent went fishing and sent me this pic. And said to ask his dad what kind of fish was it. No body knows. We just know it is big. (Again, blogger acting up, see fish pic below )

I made a quick visit here last nite.

Need a quick stop at the grocery. But don't remember all the ingredients. Or need an idea of what to fix for dinner. Get a quick text from someone and immediately have it all under control.

And I will spare you from looking at baby pictures today!



  1. Miss the Baby Pix - - but the Birthday girl looks about 45 - maybe 47 - - but definitely NOT 60! Looks like Trent caught a 'shark' - - Give us a sample of your TACO Soup ! send more baby pix !

  2. alligator gar! scary looking, aren't they!


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