Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I usually play strictly by the rules in the work force. Lately I have become brave. I run work related errands at my job. I now take care of my personal errands, too. Today, as I was passing Walgreens, I stopped in to get my photos that were waiting for me to pick up. I print my cell phone pictures to a Walgreens app.

I have a beautiful vision of how I want my flower garden to be. Lush green plants filled with color lining winding paved paths. A fence with same blooming green plants. Climbing blooming vines on arbors. Little concrete bench for squirrels or rabbits to stop by and rest. Slowly I am putting my vision into reality. I have the bench and one arbor.

Joined up with my co-workers for Relay For Life event. It's on a Friday nite running a track race. There will be a band, food, and sponsor tents.  I'm gearing up for it by increasing my walk/run routine to every evening. I want to be the fastest of my team.

I need a decor re-do fix. Thinking of new drapes for the living room/dining room windows. I'll need 4 sets for the 4 windows. I've started looking around. I might surprise myself on the outcome.


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  1. Thank you for joining us at Let's Get Social Sunday last week! I'm your newest follower via GFC - Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes


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