Monday, April 1, 2013

Tracking Plans

Sometimes things don't go as planned. But they work out anyway. You  take the plan and the not so planned.

Sunday ended not exactly as planned.  One group arrives at 12 noon, starving, ready to eat Easter dinner. Next group arrives at 1 pm with a fussy baby with a temp cutting first tooth. Another  group telephones and explains they're not coming, baby woke up sick and on their way to after hours clinic. Then MIL telephones and wants to come visit her grands and greats, but needs someone to go get her because thunderstorm advisories are out (she doesn't drive in the rain), but not to pick her up till after 1pm when she got home from church. At last, those who arrived are seated and fed, and MIL is ready to leave.

My Easter plans were everybody together, bright sunshine, green grass, and 2 happy babies with Easter eggs and baskets for pictures of the day, Not happening. Thunderstorms have set in, one baby not here, one baby fussy.


Called to check on other group with sick baby. Their response, "can't find anywhere to get  good take-home food for Easter dinner after leaving after hours clinic" and "this is not how we planned baby's 1st Easter."

I am sad.

 Saturday was not planned but we left on a trip about 45 minutes away to baby #2's beauty pageant her mom put her in. She won 1st runner up, most beautiful, prettiest eyes, and people's choice queen. A very good day for this little one.

Back to Friday with me working an unscheduled day, even though I needed to grocery shop and clean house. So stayed on the phone giving husband a shopping list and begging him to clean or at least do a few things in the house for me. That worked out better than I thought or planned. I might do this more often.

When things go array, one may have to take a fresh new approach. It may not be what was planned, but may have to move to Plan B.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo for the month of April's theme fresh. 
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