Thursday, May 23, 2013


There are huge wild magnolia trees growing all around our area. I never had to plant one. In fact, there are more than I care to have. Most of the blooms grow higher than one can reach to cut them. But now and then I do manage to reach a few and cut them to put in a vase.

They are a part of the southern culture and are the state flower for LA and MS.
I often take them for granted and they are finished blooming before I go searching for a fresh bouquet.

The large leaves stay green year round and I have used just the stems of leaves in wreath projects and other home decor.

I've cut a bloom for a vase today and am going to remember to enjoy them this season.


  1. I have a pretty pink one but the leaves don't stay all winter...maybe it isn't a magnolia? hmm...I need to check that out! Yours looks lovely in a vase so enjoy them! Have a good Memorial Day weekend!

  2. Beautiful - Southern Charm in your backyard !

  3. it is so true....magnolias are as much a southern thing as gators and moon pies!


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