Thursday, July 11, 2013

Christmas in July

Starting Christmas in July is always exciting for me. You know how fast the first part of the year goes by. And the second half goes by just as fast if not faster. I have for many many years started Christmas in July.

  • first, start thinking about Christmas to get you in the mood.
  • make a list of people who you will be gift giving to. (it is better to give than to receive.).
  • do a little window shopping, online surfing, and catalog viewing. This will give you some ideas of the new hot items coming out.
  • as I "window" shop everywhere, I add ideas to my people list that I think that person will love. I put several ideas by one persons name so I have more ideas to choose from once I start choosing their gift.
  • begin buying one or possibly two gifts a payday or every month. That way you get to Christmas shop often and not feel the money pain all at once. Unless you have a Christmas account where you would have all your money at once to buy gifts later on in the year. 
  • keep your eyes open for little unique things that would be good for stocking stuffers and buy them when you see them. 
  • remember, you can plan ahead to make gifts like crafts or sewing or hand work and get them made early and marked off your list. And if you plan to give baked goods go ahead and stock up on the containers you will be presenting them in. 
  • keep your name and gift list updated regularly so you know where you are with things and what's what. You may be scratching out ideas on one name and adding new ideas until you are settled on what the perfect gift will be.
  • finalize your packages with pretty paper and bows and name tags and put them under the tree or ship them off.
Poochie from a Christmas Past
Then, it will be time to trim the tree, decorate your home, play Christmas Carols and enjoy the season. 
And get in that last minute hustle and bustle of the shopping crowd to get that one last gift.



  1. Santa trained you very well !
    Merry Christmas !

  2. Oh, SO not ready to think like this!

  3. All great ideas! Every year I say I'm going to be better at planning for the holidays...maybe this year I'll do it!


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