Monday, July 8, 2013

Circa 1860's

An unusual luncheon event at work gave me and my 7 co-workers a day out at a Civil War era home.

My boss' son and his wife own the home and have lived there for over 20 years. They have re-vamped it and it is beautiful. The old look mixed with a modern touch. I would love this to be my house. 

My guess is probably 15 foot ceilings if not higher. A center entrance with bed rooms on each side. And furniture to match the era. They actually live there everyday. 

I did sneak some cell phone pictures. I couldn't resist. 

The view from the front. 

The front center entrance. Large round columns.

Front center entrance hall from the inside.

Dining room in the center of the house.

One of the 4 bedrooms off the center entrance hall.

A newly re-vamped bath. It acts as a jack and Jill bath between two bedrooms off the same side of the entrance hall.

The food was just as impressive as the home. A back addition houses a modern den and breakfast area where the lunch was set up. A large butlers pantry between the dining and the breakfast area contained the desserts and coffee and water, sodas, and wine. 

A small sampling of food that I enjoyed was sliced honey ham, cool cucumber salad, finger chicken salad sandwiches, pimento salad, rolls, an orange jelled salad, a variety of nuts in some kind of sauce, sliced tomatoes, and other dishes. All served buffet style. And several pound cake varieties, cookies, and brownies. 

My favorite was the cool cumber salad. It was delicious. Round slices of cumbers, thin onion slices, taste of maybe Italian dressing(?), red grapes, tomato cubes. And maybe a few other ingredients. 

I like work days like this



  1. Oh My - it is so Breath-taking.
    It's Beautiful ! I have a passion for these beautiful 'circa' homes !

  2. That does sound like an awesome work day! Haha. Such a beautiful house. I love historic homes. Sounds like you had some good food as well. How fun!

  3. Hey, I think it's illegal to call that "work"..ha! Looks and sounds like it was really fun. I love old homes and getting inside them to tour is so fun too..then to be served delish food..a bonus! Glad you had a great day!


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