Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Today and Tomorrow

Besides being work days, other things are on the agenda.

Today the Poochie gets dropped off for her spa day. The Poochie gets a day of grooming and special attention more than I do. She thinks we are torturing her. She is crazy not to like it.

Tomorrow after work we will be attending a seminar on retirement planning at a downtown restaurant. It includes dinner for two and all the info you need for your retirement and estate planning. Considering the husband retired last year, we might be about a year too late on this one.


  1. Retirement - - Funny how we all come to eventually LOVE the word !

  2. Poochie is cute. I can't imagine why she doesn't like the spa. I have a cousin who takes his long haired cat in for a hair cut occasionally and he has to drug her. Go figure.


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