Friday, November 8, 2013


(I'm a few weeks late on this news.)
Our wedding anniversary was last month. 
39 years. 

It's been good, bad, and ugly. 
It's true. We're not perfect. But we must be perfect for each other. 

It all began the summer of 1974. I won't drag you thru all the years of details. It was a long time ago. 

We had a wedding, jobs, a house, 3 babies to raise for practically 20 years of their life, and all the in between, up to now. 

Whew!! Wow!! OMG!!

It was a whirlwind. Never knowing what was around the corner or what we would face the very next moment. 

But like all newly weds, it starts out fun, exciting, with goals, and visions of life together forever.  And bumps and turns appear and things happen that will either make you or break you. 

It takes two. You can't do it alone. No matter how hard you try. 

We made it over our bumps and turns. Thankfully. And consider ourselves gliding and cruising along our merry little way. 

Happy Anniversary to me!

This year we stayed home and ordered take out food from the nearest corner grocery/deli. And then waited till the weekend and dined at a steak house to celebrate again.  



  1. Happy Anniversary to a couple that's a Godly example of what marriage should be! Remember your 25th ! :>) !


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