Monday, January 13, 2014

Married to a Chef

I have a chef for a husband lately. He has always had his hand in cooking now and then. But only outside on the burner, the fryer or grill or smoker. He's good at fish, frying turkeys, dinner on the grill, and crab or crawfish boiling. Today he tried his hand at smoked pork shoulder. His idea. His recipe. His grocery shopping trip. His prep work. His cooking.

One 10 lb pork shoulder
Tony's seasoning
Dark brown sugar

Rub a secret amount of Tony's over the meat. We will never know how much. And next time will definitely be a different amount. Then rub brown sugar over pork. Also, a secret amount. He doesn't even know how much. No measuring. Just till it looks good, he said.

Smoke in smoker for 7 hours and reached 180 degrees with meat thermometer inserted into center of meat. And watch it on and off for 7 hours. That would be boring to me.

Cut and pull meat free from bone and fat and grissell.
Shred pieces apart and add bar-b-q sauce to loose meat.

Pile high on bun and enjoy.

To sum it up::

  •  It was really, really tasty and very tender and moist
  • I didn't have to cook
  • It was a good trial run for the first one. Don't need to change anything for the next one.
  • It's a whole lot of meat from a 10 lb chunk of meat for just us 2.
  • We'll be eating bar-b-q sandwiches, and sliced pork  for days or weeks. 
  • I know what we'll be serving next time we have company coming. We just need to know a day in advance. 


  1. What time tommorow? You're,a lucky lady...looks delish! I'd let him be as creative as he wants! Enjoy!

  2. Gosh that looks so good and I don't even eat meat. But, I'm having family over in a couple of weeks and was thinking of making pulled pork sandwiches. I'm going to try your husbands seasonings, but cook it in a slow cooker. Can't wait to see how everyone likes it. Take care!


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