Thursday, January 23, 2014

What we're eating this week

Thank goodness the pulled pork is gone. You can read about it here, a few post down. Between forcing  it down almost every single day for almost a week and  graciously allowing Poochie some table food everyday, it's finally gone. It was good tho. It's sad when one has no company to push it off on and serve it to them. 

So on to other pots to stir. Literally. The pork was last Monday. This Monday I made seafood gumbo. Again, a whole lot more than two people can eat. I cheated and used Zatarain's gumbo base. Soooooo good. Taste like homemade. 

Adding shrimp, crawfish tails, and okra all from the freezer netted a pot of yumminess costing $1.68 (which was for the box of base). And the rice is a staple. I just had to cook the rice. All the other stuff was already in the freezer for awhile, so I don't count that in the price. 

We've eaten it Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Plus I took a bowl for my lunch and there is a little left. 

That takes us to tonight. The menu plan for tonight is Pizza Hut pizza. Their any pizza is $10.00. We always get large pan supreme. And it is $10 plus tax. 

The last pizza I ordered I requested one large pan supreme with extra cheese for carry out. When I got home, ready to dig in, SURPRISE! It was only cheese. There must have been a breakdown in communication.  I called them to report it,  since their phone number is on the receipt they must want you to call them, right? I was nice, and I got a $10 credit towards my next order. 

So tonight it's free pizza on the house. 
And maybe a good movie on tv, too. 


  1. Sounds like a good plan for tonight! Your gumbo looks delicious. I haven't had any gumbo in so long, but I really do like it. I love having lots of leftovers :)

  2. Perfect weather - for a Perfect dish - (Gumbo) - - It's going to be cold ! - -(might even Snow) - - so Gumbo will really warm you up. You and your husband give me the Impression that ya'll are terrific Chefs !

  3. The gumbo looks really yummy! My hubby would love that! Pizza was on tap here at the Pines too..I didn't get home from work until 7pm so that was the only way we would get some chow!


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