Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fabric Obsession

After searching all over fabric sites on the Internet for a specific color, design, and texture, I came up with nothing. You know how you feel when you search and search and just can't find it anywhere? It got to where I HAD to find that fabric. I was obsessed.

Yes, that was my excitement for a few days. Sad, I know. 

But. While in the rinky dink little town nearby, I stopped in my favorite place.   And was obsessed again with color, designs, and isles and isles of perfection. 


This is only a glimpse of what's in that store. I have to make myself walk out of the store while stretching my neck and looking back knowing I hear some calling my name.


  1. Those fabrics look so pretty! I get so inspired by lovely fabric with different patterns and colors. Lots of inspiration here it seems!

    PS - Thanks for the sweet comment on my Friday post. I love that you have happy memories of collecting eggs as a child!


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