Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ahoy! (#11)

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A sailor girl outfit is completed and came out just as I envisioned. I looked at tons of images of baby/toddler outfits online trying to get the perfect look I was envisioning for a pageant sportswear outfit.  It had to be a dressy-casual shorts , capris, or pants sportswear attire.  

With an 18 month size tee-shirt on hand, a bloomer pattern on hand that I use to make diaper covers, and body measurements from the little one, I began my mission with hope and a prayer that it would end up just right. 

1) body measurements, tee-shirt, bloomer pattern
2) newspaper to make my own pattern
3) blue silky fabric remnant from my stash  (I used every inch of the remnant, it was getting scary there for a moment that I might not have enough at the end.)
4) narrow white ribbon, blue ribbon, white buttons, matching thread. (Elastic and Velcro dots I already had.)

The shorts
Made from combination of body measurements and my bloomer pattern.

Front waist band turned under and stitched for a flat look. 
Back waist band has elastic. 

Leg hem line with white ribbon sewn 3/4 inch from bottom edge. All white ribbon sewn same 3/4 inch from edge. 

White little ribbon bow on each side of outside leg. 

The jacket
Made with combination of body measurements and tee-shirt pattern. 

Jacket is lined. Which is easier than you may think. Don't let it bombard you!

Draw the square sailor collar around the jacket neck edge front and back on the newspaper. Adding in seam allowance. Rather cumbersome to do, but you can figure it out as you go. Cut two, collar is lined also. 

Ewwww-- arm holes and sleeves were the worst part for me. Probably cause I had no pattern. I drew the shape on paper (from the actual jacket arm hole) many times until I got it to fit the arm hole correctly. 

The white ribbon sewn around collar, jacket end, and sleeves end. All 3/4 inch from edge. 

A little white Dickie made for the front neck line and inserted and attached with round Velcro dots. Buttons sewn on jacket. No button holes. Round Velcro dots work just fine. No snaps needed. 

Knee highs with attached little blue bows on each outside of the knee high completes the outfit. With a white hair bow and Keds white shoes to complete the look. 

I probably couldn't make this again if I tried. I'm kinda kind that. One of a kind and I'm done. 

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  1. Another Beautiful Outfit. The long white stockings really 'make it'. The jacket is precious! God truly gave you the Gift of 'Creativity'. Now - take a picture of her in it.!


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