Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back To School Supplies

I love, love, love school supplies and office supplies. It's almost like jewelry shopping. I want some of everything on the shelf even if I have no use for it. I buy school supplies and office supplies all year. NOTE: I am not a student in any school and I don't work in an office and I only have a teeny-tiny personal desk at home. BUT: I am stocked up on every kind of office supply there is. Call me cray cray but I've always been like this.

I loved, loved, loved when my kids were in school and they brought the supply list home. I couldn't wait to take them to pick out and purchase everything. I can't remember, but I probably caused a lot of embarrassing moments once the kids became older. And let's not even remember the pain for me when they could drive themselves to get their own supplies. Or in college and I certainly wasn't consulted for school supplies.

I'm loving, loving, loving my new idea this back to school time. My just made 2 year old and almost 2 year old little ones are being promoted to the 2 year old class at their daycare. So school supplies are in my future once again.

I purchased 2 mini backpacks of Mickey & Minnie (their fav characters right now) and stuffed them with my version of back to school fun for home.

I included the following:
side walk chalk
coloring book and colors
animal flash cards
Lightening Mcqueen cap
Minnie Mouse mirror compact
Sponge Bob flash light
a Dora magnetic paper doll w/magnetic outfits
water gun

And a mini diaper bag for the new baby that had an outfit, bows, and some soft play toys.

Hoping back to school for them is as much fun as it for me.

No pictures were taken to document my love of back to school supplies. 


  1. I know those little 2-yr olds can't wait 'til Grandmother visits - - (with their new back-packs) ! :>)

  2. This made me smile because I have a friend who also loves anything to do with desk supplies...especially pens! Ha! You have very lucky Grandkiddos who will be well supplied in the future school years! Those supplies are expensive for parents so I'm sure they will be welcomed!


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