Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why I'm Celebrating My Dog Today

Today, Tuesday, Aug 26 is National Dog Day, founded in 2004.

Here are 5 reasons why she deserves my love today and every day:

1) I don't need an alarm clock. She never fails to wake me early in the morning.

2) She puts up with my shenanigans. I dress her in sweaters and boots in the winter and neck scarfs and bows in the summer.. I carry her like a baby. And I call her a scaredy-cat when she hides from bad weather and hides when the computer printer starts to print.

3) She still likes to run and play fetch even at her age of 49 in human years.

4) She gets left at home alone quiet often, but is always waiting patiently at the window watching for our return.

5) She's a good communicator. Telling us when she needs out, when she's hungry, when company' arrives, etc. 

Poochie would say she loves us, too.

Celebrate your doggie today and tomorrow in a doggie post and leave a comment here that you did so we can visit. Since it's such late notice, we'll continue this tomorrow.


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  1. "Poochie" is Adoreable - - just like one of the "Grand-kids" - - I'm looking forward to seeing "Poochie"


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