Friday, September 12, 2014

Can you say OMG ! (Project # 20)

Oh My Gosh! Maybe it's just me but is this just so cute?

It's an owl Halloween OOC for a Halloween pageant. Think of a baby owl with soft little feathers on its body and arms (wings) and little feet (claws). . Pink and purple. Fuzzy and sparkly. 

A rhinstone owl applique on the bodice so you can't miss the idea that it's an owl. Just so you know, it's really a purple. Not the blue that the camera portrays it to  be.

The bottoms with multi layers of purple and pink glittery ribbon and pink and white baby feathers. that will look so cute on a baby's bottom.

A bow and feathers on the headband and on the ankles and arm bands with feathers that will float around with movement of the arms and legs and head and will fit the cutest little three month old ever!

It's rather cute in person. So a Happy Whoo-Whoo Halloween to you.



  1. Truly Adoreable ! Love the Colors ! The little Princess will truly look Beautiful in it !


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