Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bam Bam Project #23

I'm getting caught up in October's Fall festivities.  

It only took a few hours to help sew a Halloween costume for Cohen. Between me, Julie and Cohen it came out great. 

Julie's choice of costume and she had the fabric ready and waiting when I brought a sewing machine and sewing supplies to sew.

Cohen was a super measurer with a pull and release tape measure that wound itself up when the button was pushed. He also took the garment fitting process really well. 

And it was sewn up in no time. Just have to add the bone to the waist and there's a fat plastic baseball bat, too. 

He'll be the cutest thing on the street Trick Or Treating with his little neighbor being Pebbles. And the parents dressing up as Barney/Betty and Fred/Wilma. 

Can't wait for Halloween!

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  1. Cohen is such a Cutie. The outfit is adoreable. You are truly Gifted with the Talent of Sewing ! Imagine - a "Traveling Sewing Machine" :>) That's Neat. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Cohen & the other Grandchildren all dressed up on the big Special day of Halloween.


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