Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Although most people are all about Thanksgiving now, I am still on the Halloween page. So hear goes my Halloween story. 

Wish I had tons of trick or treaters to vist me on Halloween nite. But there was none. We live too far out and too far off the road. That's been the story of all my Halloweens. I still put out jack o'lanterns on the porch and a bowl of candy on the kitchen bar.

Soooo, instead,  it's a 40 year wedding anniversary day together.

Forty years ago Halloween was not in the picture.

We eloped without the thought of Halloween. What were we thinking? It must have been the right choice 'cause we're still counting.

Then for years after, our anniversaries were spent trick or treating with our little ones till they outgrew us taking them. Of course they didn't outgrow Halloween fun. They just didn't need us along for their fun...... 

This year it was spent reminiscing over the past 40 years. You know, like the good stuff, the bad stuff, and the really ugly stuff. But all put in a pot and stirred up together makes for a good witch's brew.

A little shopping and a nice dinner out topped off the day.

And then I waited for Halloween pictures of my little ones all dressed up and out trick or treating. There were 2 black cats  and a BamBam Flintstone.

There you have it. No trick or treaters in any form or fashion. No door to door ghouls and goblins. No pictures of those who did. Just a nice day out on the town.

A post without pictures just can't be.  So I'm throwing in a random picture of what I do best. A selfie with a favorite little guy. 

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  1. Happy anniversary ! ! What a magical way to celebrate an Anniversary !
    - - I did not have any trick or treaters either - - however, I did participate in "Fall Fest" at my church - - serving Lemonade to all of those little ghost & goblins that stopped by my Table !


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