Friday, July 10, 2015

End of the week review

Finishing up the first third of the month at MawMaw's summer stay-cation.  And we're doing a lot. 

This week was a lot of book reading. The favorite books this week are The Christmas Story and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Reading everyday they know the complete stories as I turn the page without me reading. 

This week was role playing. From nurses to patients to I-pad tech and everything in between.

Cohen knows all about the I-pad. At age 3 they are geniuses.

Brookky and Brynlee playing nurse and patient. She knew all the procedures to do, then wanted a bandaid. 

A little yard work can be fun. 

It's bye till next week. 



  1. Sounds like ya'll are having an Enjoyable time during "Stay-cation" - - - - Making Memories ! ! !

  2. Cute Grandkiddos! Lots of activities, good memories, smiles, and summer fun...time spent with you....priceless!


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