Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Last Two Days of Vacation

The weather is gorgeous. So is the scenery. We're spending the last two days of vacation in camping mode to enjoy a slower pace than the hustle of being in tourist mode.

We've been at Bear Cove Village RV Resort for a week now. It's one of the prettiest settings of RV Resorts we've passed in our surroundings all week. Nestled in a valley right off the main attractions with the Trolley Station within walking distance. 

So we've taken a few hikes on the nearby trails from our home base. They were short and dog friendly for a hike with the Poochie Dog.

 I took advantage of the camp Resort laundry facilities to do the laundry from the first part of the week.

The front office has a wonderful store/souvenir shop that I took advantage of. 

And then on the last day, a new camper couple pulled in across from us. And what do you know? The guys went to high school together and we now live about 20 miles apart. We sat outside late in the evening and chit-chatted. Small world for sure. 

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  1. All your pics are so pretty! We've been married 42yrs this year also. I'm looking forward to retirement and traveling in a few years. What a great time of year to do some sightseeing and enjoy the beauty of October!

  2. Beautiful Scenery & I know the Temps were also favorable ! Amazing how ya'll met-up with a High-School Buddy - Truly is a Small World. Glad ya'll enjoyed & - - Happy Anniversary - - 42 Years - WOW !


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