Thursday, February 23, 2017

Doggie Doings

I'm a softee when it comes to hosting grand dogs. It's not my first rodeo at dog sitting. 

Joy gets treated equally well. The weather forecast was for a rainy/stormy night. So we brought her in for the night. With things being different and all you know. She was more than happy to oblige.

I made her a pink bed and she claimed it as hers. 

By late night she was out like a light. 

Morning came. Then noon. And she was still inside. I took her on a run/walk/bathroom stop and came right back in. She choose a few dog toys from Poochie's stash and played quietly with an occasional squeak from a toy. 

Plans were to put her out shortly. But one thing led to another and she stayed in again for a second night. 

She slept good that night. This is where she was the next morning. 

What have I created?







  1. I hate to see pups outdoors and I'm glad you pampered her a bit. She's a cutie and now I'm betting her family will have an indoor pooch!

  2. whats the latest doggie doings?


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