Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great to the 3rd degree

A family member has been doing our family genealogy over the years. And she informed me that my great, great, great Grandmother (on my father's mother's side) was Rebecca Ann Fletcher Wales, which my middle name is Ann. And her husband, my great, great, great Grandfather Larkin Wales was born February 27, which is my birthday also.

Now that so touches my heart and makes me feel so connected to them. Perhaps the name Ann was passed down through the generations and thus I received it also? That's what I would like to believe. Maybe I can keep the name Ann in the family down through the next generations and pass the history on.

I know the birth date was just by chance. But that tells me a lot about the Great Great Great Grandfather Larkin Wales with him being a Pisces. I think we would be so much alike. Just knowing that he was a Pisces, I can imagine what kind of a person he was - imaginative, sensitive, compassionate and kind, intuitive and sympathetic, yet secretive and vague , an escapist and an idealistic. I bet I am just like him.This family history has really stirred my interest. Can't wait to find out more.


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  1. Wow - isn't it nice to uncover some of the historical genealogy background that we never knew -- - tell your relative to keep researching - - looking forward to what else she comes up with - -


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