Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Good Friday Camping

We are one year into our RVing trips. So plans were made for a one year trip RV-ersary with some of the family. We democratically choose the place nearest to everyone to make it a holiday event so they could come and go or stay and go home for Sunday Church day. 

We booked Natalbany Creek Campground. It had good reviews, Easter activities for kiddos, and less than an hour from everyone. 

Friday was arrival, set up, and Easter decor. My special purchase of a six foot enflatable bunny from Amazon took center stage for the two day activities. 

Egg dyeing was a success. Thirty-six eggs were dyed, glittered, stickered, and a few cracked and a few eaten. 

Little ones and adults alike were all hands on with the egg fun. 

The campfire took care of cooking our dinner of hotdogs and polish sausage and chili and s'mores. This is like the best way to cook with no mess. No work. No clean up. Each cook their own meal. That rates a 10 !!

Turning in for the night didn't happen till midnight because Cohen informed everyone he was staying up all night. He almost made it. He and I were the last ones to snooze off. 

Saturday would be campground activities day with a scheduled egg hunt, a parade,   and splash pad fun. 

We weren't admitted into the egg hunt because while waiting in the lineup the announcement to show your orange wrist band for admittance was made and I had forgotten to give ours out. I had received the participation orange wrist bands for each of us at the time of arrival on Friday and had put them aside and forgot about them and ruined the egg hunt for us. 

The above picture is the start of the hunt without us. The picture below is us on our lonely way back to our site.

Note: We had our own egg hunt later on during the day at our own campsite area with eggs filled with candy. 

The parade had the Bunny as the Grand Marshall and other campers following in their decorated golf carts. 

Candy, beads, and toy novelties were thrown to parade watchers as we watched from our campsite view.

We made it to the splash pad for a short while. Good it wasn't crowded. Bad the water was not warm as the brochure stated it was a heated pool and splash pad. 

We ended the evening riding bikes around the park and playing in a sandpile behind our site. Then Pizza. Baths. And everyone leaves to be home on Easter Sunday morn. 

I rate all RV trips we take. This one being a seven out of ten.  Location. Clean. Activities/Entertainment. It was good, but  not over the top. 

It was a Happy Easter.