Monday, September 14, 2009

Something New

We had to do this today. We had no choice and couldn't think about it twice. So we are gone shopping.
We got up this morning and the fridge was on the blink. Constantly running, kept hearing a drip, drip, drip. Couldn't be fixed. I don't know if I was excited or sad. Excited to get a brand new modern 21st century refrig or sad to have to spend that much money.

But since we had no choice, here it is.Now, you are asking yourself why didn't she get the new stainless still look? Well, I was going too, then I changed my mind, then I chose the stainless still again, then not. Decisions, decisions -- didn't know which to choose. The pros would be 1) stainless still is the most popular, 2) stainless steel looks fabulous; 3) everybody has the stainless steel or wants it. The cons would be 1) all my other appliances are new and they are white, 2) stainless steel takes a little more money 3) my kitchen is not a stainless still match.

So, after a few phone calls to see what "they" would choose, I choose white. Even though my phone consultations were split between white, black and stainless.
Jennifer was there when we brought it home. So I insisted she help me load the new one up with the stuff from the old one. She didn't mind, she just said "tell me in advance when ya'll are in work mode around here." We kind of catagorized the shelves. Like in the freezer - one shelf for chicken, one for beef, one for pork, one for veggies, one for desserts. one for misc. And the same for the fridge side.

Now, I love home magazine pictures. They are just so "perfect". So now I want my refrig to always look like this:
Or this:

In the end it is a good investment and I do like it.

It's the side by side, fridge on one side, freezer on the other, ice and water dispenser on door, nice, nice. I know, I know it's just a fridge!

And I'm trying to keep up with Brandon and Julie. They got a brand new stainless steel fridge last weekend! Theirs is gorgeous (as gorgeous as a fridge can be).


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One True Football Fan ......

One lucky TIGER sent me this picture of the LSU game in person in Washington played this weekend.

I knew she was on vacation in Seattle, Oregon, and CA and she had shown and told a lot of the places they were going and what they would be doing. But she didn't even mention this. I was surprised to say the least when I got this picture via cell camera.

Just a picture. No text, no words, no nothing! But then, the picture says it all and I didn't need any text. I knew she was there and cheering on the tigers.

I did text her back "U lucky tiger, U!!!!!

See all the purple there. I thought there sure are a lot of LSU fans there. But I find out that Washington is also purple.

Go here to check out her vacation story before they actually left on vacation. Even though I know it was her husband's idea to attend the game. But why not, since you're already there, and your vacation was already scheduled around the date and location. Go figure! It couldn't have worked out better. Wish I was there!

And of course, LSU won!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yarnigras' witches brew!

Join Yarnigras Witches Cupboard Swap and have some Halloween Fun.
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