Monday, January 31, 2022

Happy Birthday 2

 Happy Birthday Wyatt!! He made 2 this past week, He’s the youngest of our crew. He’s a cutie and I love watching  him grow and learn. 

He was into his presents and pizza and cookie cake’

I love watching him grow and learn. 

There was also other celebrations for January. 
There was Chris’ birthday. (Son in law)
There was Brandon/Julie’s anniversary. (Son/daughter in law)
There was Travis’ birthday. (My brother)
There was Larry’s Birthday. (Husband)
So a big bunch of best wishes to everybody!! 


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Sneaux Interruption

 Well, we call it sneaux (aka snow) here in south LA/MS. We were hitting 70 degrees Sunday. Then Monday about noon snow flurries came falling down to only last maybe 30 minutes. Don’t judge, I know it actually looks like fall with all the leaves, but it’s Jan 3. And it’s not like it’s a blizzard or anything. 

It interrupted my Valentines marathon. The wintery mix put me in a winter mood. I scrounged up some snowy looking stuff from my junk box and made a cute wintery wreath. 

* snowy owl 

* dollar tree styrofoam wreath

*white chunky yarn

* baby’s breath flowery stems 

* red and white glittery balls 

The owl is from Hobby Lobby Christmas 66%  off sale a few days before Christmas. Yes! I scored quiet a few cute ornaments for about $1 something each. 

My version of a snowy day wreath is cute!

Tomorrow I’ll be back in Valentine mode. 


Monday, January 3, 2022

Valentine Marathon

 It’s January but I’m thinking February for Valentines Day. I whipped up a few Valentine hearts to decorate with and a few to give. I’m doing a marathon of valentine pretties the next few days while I have nothing else to do. 

Because come next week a quilt is in the works for a donation to a girls softball league raffle happening in mid February. I’m just patiently waiting on the fabrics for it to come in the mail. So in the meantime I’m loving all things Valentines. 

This pretty lace heart was simple. Gather one wire clothes hanger (or comparable size wire), lace or decorative cloth, assortment of ribbon, flower or some sort embellishment, glue gun, and scissors. 

Bend and shape the hanger or wire into a heart shape. It really forms easy. Just push and stretch and shape till you get the desired look. Put the wire form in between two layers of the lace or cloth. Run a bead of hot glue in sections around the wire, laying the lace or fabric in place on top the wire and press with an object into place (not with your finger because you will get burned from the hot glue). Complete one layer of the lace or cloth then turn over to be the other side of the wire in the same manner. You should now have the lace or cloth hot glued to each side of the wire having a top and bottom layer. Cut with scissors around the outside of the wire trimming off the excess lace/cloth. Now you have a decorative heart shape. Use ribbons, trims, embellishments to decorate and finish it. I put a ric-rac trim around the perimeter and a flower group and ribbons as a streamer in the corner. 

I love it! It’s so me! Lace, bling, ribbons, flower equals pretty. 


Saturday, January 1, 2022

HNY 2022

 Well, we made it! Not that I’m surprised. But it’s unreal of the year being 2022. The years go by so fast. 

Keep giving those hugs and laughs and love to those around you. Time is speeding by and we don’t know when it might stop unexpectedly.

I’m wishing you all a wonderful year with all your dreams and wishes and visions to happen.

Happy New Year!!