Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dear June

My 30 days of June was spent keeping the little ones for the first part of summer. 
That's twelve hour days filled with remembering how it was 30 years ago with my own 3 under 5 years old. That would be breakfast, playtime/learning, snack time, lunch time, cleanup, naptime, playtime, snack again, wait for mommies to get home. And yes with meltdowns thrown in all day long. And sometimes spilt milk. 

But busy is the key. No time for being fussy-pants. 

Whether all together or separate we made good use of the summer days. 

Of course I have to show their parents that it's not all play and there is structural learning while the MawMaw's in charge. 

Flash cards were my choice of learning. And it was a huge success. A lot can be learned from flash cards. This was actually a Crazy 8's card game. We learned matching, same, different, counting, and choosing. And it never got old. Just had to distract the baby from all the fun. 

Tomorrow starts the second half of summer for me and them. I've got to up my strategy to keep things going smoothly. 


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pageant Talk

As a guest, spectator, and wardrobe manager, I attended Sunburst Tri-State Pageant in Gulfport.  Of course my main job was wardrobe manager, coordinator, fitting, and last minute outfit fixing. 

It was a full weekend of non-stop competing fun with 2 little ones in tow with 5 stage appearances with 5 outfit changes. 

Of course we, as the mom and mawmaw, were the most interested in it all, but the 2 little ones did extremely well being in the hustle and bustle of 121 other contestants. 

No personal cell or camera pictures were allowed in the ball room. So I only have quick snapshots of the fun. 

First, hotel room snack time with fruit loops in bed. 

There was time for an evening pool swim. 

There's always time for a selfie. 

The 5 areas of competion were swimsuit, casual wear/school/daycare wear, event t-shirt and blue jean shorts, lunch break, t-shirt and blue jean shorts again, and formal/beauty dress, all on Saturday, then awards day Sunday. 

Brynlee in her swimwear. (Made by me.)

Brooklyn in her swimwear. (Made by me.)

Brynlee's casual wear. (Made by me.)

Brooklyn's casual wear. (This was a purchased outfit, but I added the lace sleeve undershirt and changed out the color of the lace on the skirt. So half made/altered by me.)

Both in their event t-shirt and shorts. 

All t-shirts were too big for the little contestants. But they were meant for everyone to be dressed alike for meeting judges and interviews, with no scoring on attire. 

And then Brynlee in her formal dress at awards. And it's naptime, obviously.

And Brooklyn in her formal dress at awards time. 

The hit it good with a lot of awards.

Brynlee's awards in the 0-15 months division: 
model search - 2nd runner up 
Swimwear - Queen
Composite - Queen 
Portfolio - 1st runner up 
Photogenic A - 1st runner up 
photogenic B - 1st runner up 
Best formal attire -  Queen 
Best personality- Queen 
Beauty Louisiana- 4th runner up princess

Brooklyn's awards in the 2 year division: 
Model search - 2nd runner up 
Swimwear - 1st runner up
Daycare wear - 2nd runner up
Composite - 1st runner up
Portfolio - 1st runner up 
Photo A - 2nd runner up
Photo B - 2nd runner up 
Beauty Louisiana - Queen 

A lot of sweet girls participated. Just as in any competition or sport everyone is a winner when you put forth your best and believe in yourself. 


Birthday Party for ONE

The littlest of all turned 1 last week.

A party for her with gifts, and family, and friends, and food, and cake. 

I made her shiny sparkly banner.

Her gifts were fun for everyone. 

She was not a fan of the smash cake. 
No smash! No mess!
Even big sister couldn't persuade her.

Happy 1st Birthday Brynlee!

In Stitches

There's been quite a lot of stitching going on. Loads of color, ruffles, and sparkle. 

First, A tiny size 12 month top and bloomers that has all the colors you need. 

And full of ruffles and bows. 

I purchased two pink baby swim suits (size 12 months and 3t) and embellished them with ruffles and sparkle. 

Lace ruffles adorn the top and around the back bottom of this baby sized one. Just yards and yards of lace gathered to make 3 ruffle tiers. 

Hair band/bow, anklet bows, and back center bow give it all the bow power you need. 

And why not add a little sparkle across the front.

Really super easy and quick after I dreamed up a design and ordered the sparkle swirls iron-on rhinestone applique and lace online and searched for the swimsuits at a local walmart. 
The size 3t was a little more involved. 
Same swimsuit, but in a size 3t. I cut it in half to make a tank-ini. Yes, it was a little scary to cut it into 2 pieces. I wasn't quite sure what the results would be. But, sometimes you have to just go for it. 
I purchased blue and pink fabric to make the ruffles. And bought the pink gem star stones to embellish the outfit. And made the cute fabric stars for dimension.

So cute with all the ruffles, frills, and sparkle. 


About Mother's Day ...

Everyday is Mother's Day. I don't have to have gifts, or dinner out, or flowers. Heck, I don't even have to be with the kids on the one day set aside for this. 

I don't have a Mother to celebrate with. My kids are grown and have other people in their lives that need them also. My MIL doesn't do any holidays. So I'm kinda set free from all the commercialism on this given Sunday every 365 days. 

I was a Mother for the first time the Sunday before Mother's Day in 1980. My early Mother's Day Gift. 

Now we do a Birthday and Mother's Day combined to honor the B-day guy Brandon and those who are the moms on a day that is convenient for all. We actually did the calendar Mother's Day on that weekend. 

Happy Birthday Brandon.

Happy Mother's Day everyday Julie and Jennifer. 

So Happy Mother's Day to all the moms.  Even tho the calendar shows Mother's Day being a month ago, I celebrate myself as a mom everyday. You should too!