Friday, April 8, 2022


 What happens when spring arrives? For me,  it would be racing and softball. The weekends have begun with both keeping us busy. 

We made it to the dirt bike races this weekend. It was very close to home, so that’s how we pick and choose which race to attend to watch Brandon & Cohen race.

Cohen raced the kids race Saturday. Brandon was with the adult races Sunday. But we only went for the kids Saturday race to watch and support Cohen. 

This year he moved up from the peewee division to the big kid division. That means he’s one of youngest in this age group and has to have a bigger bike than last year. I have to brag a little on him in ending last years competition with 3rd place overall in the peewee division. So this year it’s a new playing field for him all the way around with older competitors and a bugger bike. 

It’s ok he didn’t get 1st place. My advice and encouragement is always as long as you race it with no injuries and you finish the race is what makes you a winner to me. And he did just that. With a few spills and crashes in the wooded muddy trail, that we didn’t see, Cohen came in 5th in his division of 12 competitors. So, yes! he did awesome!

Here we are before his race - Cohen, Everett, Wyatt, Natalie, and Larry & Brandon in the background. We just hung out watching the peewee division and they have a beginner moms division that we watched, which was hilarious.

 First time mom beginner racers - you can only imagine. For starters they were slow, I mean slooow, they were not dressed in full gear, they were so polite to one another on the race trail. . I guess you had to be there to see what was so hilarious. 

It was a beautiful sunny fun day. I wished we had stayed over to watch Brandon on the next day. 
I love my dirt bike racers.