Saturday, June 19, 2021

Twice the Birthday Fun

There’s a birthday celebration every month or two around here. And this time around 2 of them are 4 days apart. I’m sharing the celebration fun of both.

Everett made 2 years old and Brynlee turned 7 four days later.  

 Happy Birthday Everett! Two years old. You are a handful, full of energy and curiosity. Always wanting to keep up with your big brother. 

It’s Brynlee’s turn the next weekend. 

Happy Birthday Brynlee! Seven years old at the water park with friends and family.  You’re cute as a princess and you act like one too.

It did rain but they were already wet from the pools so they didn’t even notice. 

Someone, who just had a birthday party last week, was ready for another birthday cookie cake!!

Happy birthdays sweet Everett and Brynlee!

So, why not add some other photos from the birthdays.

Here’s a picture overload. 

Everett’s great great-grandma 




Don’t take my picture