Monday, March 25, 2019

All about strings

There's a blog hop going on with hostess Carla from Creatin’ In The Sticks . All About  Strings is what its about and should be easy to do. I thought.

I googled high and low for something different I could do.  I choose stars and strings  found on Mary Quilts Blog . She gave no pattern, just basic quick instructions on cutting and assembling. Thank you Mary Quilts.

There are 12 huge blocks measuring 20”x20” inch.
Each big block consists of four 10” squares.
I needed 24 fat quarters in 12 different solid colors.
The entire quilt needed 288 strings, which was 24 strings per each huge 20” block, or 6 strings per 10” square. I kept running out of strings and had to go back
to my stash many times to scrounge for more. Look close to see all the strings that qualify for the All About Strings Bloghop.

 You can see four designs in the quilt if you look at it in different ways. First you can see the big stars for sure.

Here you see a design the diamonds make as they come together at a point.

Look away and glance back you can see the diamond design.

One more look and there’s a hexagon effect around the star.

Plus the 12 solid color stars are bright and spring like and even reminds me of Easter egg colors. It was not the fastest quilt to make because of all the strings involved. It was foundation pieced. This is my first strings project and first foundation piecing project so I learned alot. It measures 58”x78”.

I like the end result. Thank you for the tutorial.

And Thank You for stopping by and seeing my string quilt. Visit these other All About Strings participants this week to see more inspiring projects.

Monday, March 25th

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A weekend of soccer and racing competition for Cohen and I didn’t make it to either one.  What kind of mawmaw am I? It wasn’t my doing to miss the activities but things happen. The mom kept me in the loop both Saturday and Sunday with snapshots she sent me.

So soccer up first on Saturday morning. He’s all over the ball so it’s safe to say he enjoys soccer.

Then ASAP after the soccer game they loaded up to travel over an hour to the 2nd race of the competition season for one dirtbike league. This will be his 3rd race of his entire life at age six
and a half. They joined 2 leagues. One league they’ve had one race and he placed first. This league they’re racing today has had 2 races of the season. He placed 8th the first one and fifth this one.

His mom said it was a race of hills, something none of the little ones were experienced with. Cohen wiped out once on the practice course and a bad wipe out on the competition race. He got a few scrapes and bruises to show. Thankful for the right safety gear to protect all the little racers.

I would have loved to been there in person to cheer him on. The mom said even though he had a tough spill and turn over he got back in the race and placed 5th out of 9 in his group.

He likes the competition and is gaining a lot of experience in so many avenues. Like sportsmanship, like not giving up, like knowing you did your best, like honoring the winner, like learning more about your dirtbike each race, like being grateful and a good attitude, and like a great life experience at an early age.

Monday, March 11, 2019


Time changed forward. Which means time for all things spring. Like pollen everywhere over everything. And daylight till way late in the evening, which I like.

And there’s soccer and ball time. We made it to the first soccer game of this year. My part goalie/part kicker did not disappoint. Here’s the almost 7 year old at the goalie position with the yellow over-best defending his team to tie game of 1-1.

He gets a lot of kicks in. Here he is the blue on the left.

Also spring time brings fresh local strawberries, chicks and bunnies, and longer days. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. 


Sunday, March 10, 2019

E is for . . .

News is that there’s a new baby boy arriving soon joining the other three grands. I’m excited for his arrival in about 11 weeks or so. While waiting for his mom to choose fabric to match his nursery so we can make a baby quilt for him, I made this one for him this week and using it for my entrance into Project Quilting 10.5 which the theme is abecedarius.  The word “abecedarius” means “an alphabet primer.” Literally, the word itself is made up of a+b+c+d! It can refer to a form of poetry where the first letter of each line or verse is the next letter of the alphabet, or it can be a book where each letter is defined (A is for … B is for …). 

This is from a kit I’ve had from my favorite FB quilt shop who has live party sales at least twice a week and last for three hours with everything you can think of that you could want. Find her at SewTrendyMN. This included a panel of the pictures/words and five fabric designs to make the other squares and borders. Instructions are to cut the panel apart into squares, cut the supplied fabrics into small squares to make the matching blocks to the animal blocks. And then cut the borders from the remaining fabrics. The animal blocks have words on the front which of course incorporates the letters of the alphabet. So it meets the quidelines for Project Quilting 10.5.

There was a teensy-tiny bit of fabric left to make the letters for his name on
the back.  The measurements are 48”x57”. E . . . is sure be a cutie playing on and dragging his wild animal quilt around as he grows.