Monday, September 30, 2013

Festival Life

The best part of fall is the festivals and fairs and the few great holidays. People, food, fun, activities, excitement, and fall 
weather fill the air.

Our festivals begin with Walker Pine Tree
Festival in my home town. Where I grew up, went to school, raised our family, our kids went To school here and still live
In the area. 

Our first attraction was the kiddie rides. 

I watched Brooklyn and her mom ride 
While the others ate peanuts and funnel 

But the best part of my day was the Walker Pine Tree Festival Pageant.  And the Baby Miss Walker Pageant Queen was Brooklyn. She's the big baby being held by Another queen on the right side of  The picture. 

 Sorry you have to read about another
Pageant. But we are on a roll. And we have to get while the gettings good. lol.

The pre-teen and above wore evening gowns. The younger ones were to wear denim attire. She did terrific today. Here she is on stage between sessions holding her Crown. Her dress is hiked up
Above her petti skirt here and kinda unruly. But she looked and did great on stage in front of the judges. 

It was a good day!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Banner

I need a birthday banner.

I like this one. I like that it isn't triangles, 
But it's like the back end of an arrow. 
Mine won't be exactly like this, but very

I found it at Rain On A Tin Roof blog.
Check out her blog with all her creations. 

I gathered supplies from the Dollar Store while
On break at work.

Three of each ABC letters came in the pack of 
letters.  Which was awesome because I thought
I would have to buy a lot of packs of letters to 
Get as many of each that I needed. But one 
Pack was exactly enough. 

I made a pattern for the end of the arrow thing,
Not a triangle. And cut 28 from different colored
construction Paper. On hind sight, I should have
 used card stock, which I have at home. But I 
Am not at home, I am at work and the dollar 
Store didn't have any thing but construction 

I attached the letters to the cut outs and
It reads Happy Birthday, so far. 

I'll have to finish it tonite at home and I will
Show the final hanging happy birthday banner 
Next week.  


Thursday, September 26, 2013

G & G - Part 2

The guys day was discussed in yesterday 's post if you would like to catch up. 

Today is girls day discussed. Hence, the title G & G (Guys and Girls). 

I did not get any pictures of the other girls who joined us for girls day at the pageant. But thank you for your appearance and support. 

Saturday was a pageant day for Brooklyn. If you have read my blog at all this year, you may recall her mom is obsessed with pageants. Actually obsessed with her winning queen. She hasn't won queen yet. She's placed numerous times in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and in side awards. But never queen. Hence her mom's obsession till she gets crowned queen. Which may or may not ever happen. Lets be real here. 

Two days of pageants, Saturday and Sunday. Let's begin. 

Saturday was Pink Poodle Goes To Paris.

Yay for Brooklyn! 2nd runner up, photogenic win and best fashion. 

She didn't really care about all the whoop-la. 

Silly girl. 

Then Sunday was LA Missy Prissy. 

Switch to Plan B. Normally, her mom takes her on stage And tries so hard to get her to smile and compete just a little. Plan B was for her dad to take her on stage. He held her hand and she did so cute. She walked, laughed, smiled, threw kisses, and didn't want to get off stage.  

Her mothers wish came true, finally. Mini Supreme Queen in 0-23 months division, and a few side Awards. All with special 
Thanks to her daddy who should have
Been doing this from the beginning.  

She got a queen's crown, sash, and trophy, all for her mom of course. 

At least there is one happy momma!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guys and Gals

Weekend business separated the guys from the girls.

This is Part 1:Guys

Saturday the guys business was shopping at Bass Pro. The best entertainment for the day for them. 

Cohen kept them entertained for sure running fast pace thru the store. He's Like a streak of lightening. Which is why blurry pictures were sent to me. 

"Try and catch me if you can." They said he wouldn't stay in the cart. He wanted down. 

And the guys probably didn't want to leave either. 

The guys lounged around home till the girls got back .

Cohen was in guy heaven with trucks, 
riding 4wheeler, and eating all day long. 

Happy 14 months to Cohen yesterday!

Friday, September 20, 2013

This week

The idea fall is almost here, like it or not. 
So I have a little interest in some fall-ish Things. 

How cute are these! 
The little pumpkin Peeled Tangerines. 
I just might do these For myself or for anything that might be On my agenda. 

And fall-ish things like door wreaths. 
Makes me want to make a door wreath
Just like this one with that mesh ribbon
Wreath stuff. 

Then throw in the Halloween stuff 
And fairs and pumpkin patches 
And fall is off to a good start. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013


I had so wanted to participate in get your DIY on series over at ,
But it didn't happen. Although, the first weeks 
Topic was blue and I had an unfinished blue 
Project in the works. 

So this DIY post is not the standard DIY. Instead
It's dresses, interestingly, yogurt. 

The I in DIY for today. Interestingly, I was so 
Warmed by the sweet actions of the person in
Front of me at the drive thru this week at
6:30 am. I only ordered a small drink, $1.69, but when 
I pulled up to the window to pay, the attendant 
Said the person ahead of me paid for mine. 
How sweet. 

You hear of those kind deeds but 
That's the first time I was the recipient. There was 
No one behind me, so I didn't know what to do . 
I know your suppose to keep it going. So I will 
Pick it back up tomorrow and do it for the person 
Behind me. It's a ray of sunshine to someone who 
Just might need a little caring at that moment. 

The D for today is dress. I have been sewing. My 
Sewing corner is a wreck. Jennifer gave me instructions 
For a baby pageant outfit she wanted. Not a pattern
To go by. Just an idea of what she wanted. I called
Her constantly to get her to measure certain areas 
On the baby. Example: how big around is her arm
Like if she was showing you her muscle. I had to
Know these things, you know.

I was scared. Maybe I wouldn't have the same 
Vision as her description of what she wanted. 
But it can always be redone, added to, or have time
To order one from somewhere else.

Her description was cheetah print with pink
Accent and off the shoulder. 
The pageant "LA Missy Prissy".

The final product with cheetah print, black sparkle 
Organza, pink satin, rhinestone chrystals, bloomers,
Arm cuffs, and bows. 

Thank goodness she loved it. Thank goodness
It came together really easy. Thank goodness
We don't have to scramble at the last minute 
To find an outfit. And it was fun to make. 

A tip for you sewers out there: hang the full
Layered skirt upside down and spray with
Extra hold hair spray and let dry then hang right
Side up. It stiffens the skirt layers and keeps
Them separated and gives it a crisp look. You
Probably already know this, though. Also, 
Alene's sells a spray fabric stiffener product. I
Meant to pick a can of that up, but forgot, 
So substituted extra hold hair spray. 

And lastly, the Y in DIY for the day is yogurt. 
We picked up both little ones from daycare early 
One day and stopped at Nom Nom yogurt. 
So it's yogurt time with the Mawmaw and the 

Listening to instructions. 

Big enough to feed himself, but with an
Empty spoon. Cause I couldn't take him
Home to his parents dirty. 

Nom Nom full. 

(FYI: nomnom is the name Of the yogurt chain shoppe. It's a self serve
And you choose your toppings and weigh 
Your cup of deliciousness and pay by its
Weight. ) What will they think of next. 

Disclosure: the layout of this post is odd with
The placement of capital letters in the wrong 
Places and lines ending abruptly in the wrong 
Places. I tried to fix it but it just got worse. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013


TIt saddens me that a few leaves are beginning to fall to show a new season soon to begin.  I don't want summer to ever end. Except, just long enough to have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. 

So, I made it a point to enjoy the summer to its fullest

1) Road trips all summer long. Family, fishing, shopping, sight seeing. Anytime, day or night. I actually keep an over nite bag packed. Just let me hear the word GO. There's no stopping me. 

2) Baby time with my 2 littles. 

3) Of course one has to work. So getting up before daybreak to dress and leave can have it's perks. The perk would be a paycheck. 

And 4) More baby time. The news on them is "we've got walkers." One's been walking two months now, the other one just started a week or so ago. 

Now I am focusing on a little sewing. I have the idea in my head to make tiger clothes for the two littlest fans. That will be LSU tigers and Auburn tigers. And I'll throw in a little Saints look too. This should keep me busy this week. I want to have them finished ASAP because the two tiger teams meet in 2 weeks!