Monday, November 30, 2015

Thankful Everyday

Everyday should be a day of thanksgiving. To be thankful that we're fortunate to have family, food, friends, shelter, and fun. We do take so much for granted and think this is how it always is and has been.

We had all the traditional Thanksgiving food. Even the smallest of all enjoys the food. 

My first kids table in my house. I prefer the idea of everyone of all ages at one large dining table. I usually cram and scrunch chairs all the way around the table to sit everyone at the table. I'm trying the idea of a kids table. 

It serves double duty. We also colored and played with play dough for entertainment.

Outside the sun was bright and we played a while.

As most of you, we are fortunate and thankful to have more than one Thanksgiving meal. You know, where you have to go to extended family members on the Sunday before Thanksgiving or the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

A trip to a sister-in-laws near by on the Sunday before for the other side of the family. And family, food, a day of thanks, and fun was had. 

Entertainment included this visiting pony (that a nephew and girlfriend had bought the day before while enroute to his moms for the family gathering). 

It got a lot of petting and feeding. 

Always thankful for each day.