Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

I love everyday of the year. Everyday is a day in itself - whether good or bad. And today is no different. 

Tonight is 
1⃣ A reflection of the past and a celebration of a new year. 

2⃣ The year is ending and there's another chance to do things right.

3⃣ Now get yourself geared up and make 2015 your year!

Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You're Not Alone

Christmas was not about the perfect presents. I didn't have the perfectly decorated house. And I do not have the perfect family. We are quiet dysfunctional in our own special way.

I came across a blog and it put me on my knees. I have to share it with you. Please take time to read it.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

The start of our home Christmas time is always with the reading of "The Newborn King" after the Christmas meal and telling Jesus Happy Birthday. 

I admit, I am a little upset and jealous that they let another family member read the traditional story. All still and snuggle with her. Giving her their undivided attention. Except the baby noticing the camera person. 

Because when I tried in the beginning to have that special traditional story moment, I didn't get any snuggle quiet sweet moments for very long. 

Then the gifts started going around and things got fast and busy. 

Every corner of the room was filled with busyness.

The big kids and the little kids. 

All around. 

Some staying out of the way as not to get knee deep in wrappings and toys.

And the host and his girlfriend hostess who graciously took his turn to have everyone over for this years Christmas.

Of course there were obligatory posed pictures.

In groups of three.

Inside and outside. 

The baby three taken 300 times. 

The baby sisters two.

All the men. 

Her first Christmas.

A few other shots.

One of the adult gifts for the host. Fits him perfectly. 

My once a year group photo that I beg for. 

It would only take a second or two if even the adults would coroporate. 

And me.

And me at the end of the day. All is well.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

100 Happy Days Makes it to #50

#40 - #44... Love me some happy smiles

#45 - #49 .....  A walk thru the Christmas lights with the family. At the end was a place for pictures.  You would think I was the "Santa you have to take a picture with" because there was a lot of kicking and screaming going on. 

My 100 Happy Days Challenge only made it to #50 Happy Days. 

Though I didn't meet my challenge, there is a little glimpse of happiness in everyday. We just have to look for it. And take that picture!!! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Stuff

There's nothing sweeter than having  some impromptu Christmas events to share together like Christmas qtrees, snowmen, reindeer, and Christmas lights.

My last babysitting date awas trying to get "perfected" pictures 'round the Christmas tree.

I tried and tried for just one face front picture . It didn't happen.  

Little sisters don't cooperate either.  People say I'm asking for too much.

The Toyland Christmas pageant was a huge success. All contestants bringing new toys and food to share with those less fortunate and having fun at a Christmas pageant. 

Queen in the 0/11 months, most beautiful, best personality, and fashion winner went to Brynlee.

I saw this coming.  And my fashion winning reindeer outfit makes me feel goooood.

And the little princess Snowlady did fantastic. But it's hard being 26 months old and competing with 34 month olds is difficult. But getting 1st alternate in the 2-3 year division was an accomplishment.  

The most sparkly snowman ever. 

Ten days till Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Why Projects? And Project #26

This blog didn't set out to be a sewing or craft blog. But this year has really been a lot about sewing or crafting. I set out on a brain storm to do a project every week. Thus, why some titles of posts have Project #  in them. 

I have now completed project #26 in week 49 of the year. So I'm short about 26 projects if I had done a project a week per my selfie challenge. But, in my defense, I've only blogged 26 projects. There were probably 26 more projects that I did that did not make it on the blog.  Like house projects, cooking projects, exercise projects, gardening projects. 

Project #26 is my last sewing project for the year. Unless I am so bored that I find something to sew. 

No. 26 is a version I'm not quite sure of
Just yet. First it was meant to be a reindeer theme.  Then as it went along reindeer didn't seem to fit it. 

So it's left up to the mom. Her decision. Reindeer?

 Or reindeer not? 

Though I'm positive the little red boots are the ones to go with on either. The  white boots can wait for another time. 

It's a five piece ensemble including hair bow, dress, bloomers, leggings, and boots. 

And the reindeer is kinda getting my vote now. 

I have to show you the completed Snowman outfit or rather Snowlady,  (I posted it a few posts back without the accessories).  I'm biased maybe, but how stinking cute! 

Eight piece ensemble includes top, skirt, separate underneath petti skirt, scarf, hat, mittens, boots, and fur topped socks. And if you count the 5 snowflakes on the boots, skirt front and back, and on the hat I will say it's a complete outfit.  

I amaze myself sometimes. And wonder how did I do that!

And Santa Baby is now complete also with top, shorts, hat, boots, and fur topped socks. 

To all this I add my Santa Letter:

Dear Santa. 
Please bring me my very own fine fabric store filled with bolts and bolts of awesome fabric and spools and spools and yards and yards of trims, ribbons, lace, and threads. And if not this, then bring joy and peace to the world. 


Friday, December 5, 2014

Santa Baby Project # 25

Furry. Red. And Blingy.  That's how a little Santa Baby will look on stage in a few weeks. 

I ran out of the faux fur trim so I ordered some more and as soon as it arrives, hopefully by Monday, I'm going to add the fur trim around the shorts hem. And then add the black boots and mittens. 

And then some little Santa Baby will be all set for a pageant or a Christmas party. 

Santa's on his way. Twenty days till Christmas. I should get busy with my tree instead of sewing. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sneak Peak Project # 24

Snowmen, Santas, Candy Canes, Rudolph. That's what's coming to life in my sewing room.

I have a sneak peak of a Snowman outfit to show you. I can describe it in three words. White. Furry. Sparkly. 

A sparkly black hat is in the making. And so is a red sequin shiny scarf. Black mittens and black boots will also be added. 

Can't wait for it to all come together. 

The Santa suite is basically finished. Just waiting for a certain something to arrive in the mail to add to it. Then I can show. 

The Rudolph vision is making its way to becoming a reality. And the Candy Cane one is making it's second debut. It's one I made last year but never worn. 

Twenty days till Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The Walker Pine Tree Festival Pageant proved winning isn't everything. Walker being my hometown with the pageant taking place on stage in the auditorium at the high school I attended brought back memories. I got to talk to alot of school friends who were there with their grandchildren. A lot of "oohh-ing" and "ahhh-ing" going on. Some were even on the festival board and in charge of things. 

Brooklyn was a reigning queen from last years pageant so she got to perform her Royal duties.  

All reigning queens participated in a fashion show from a Grand Opening of a new mall opening near town. 

Brooklyn modeling one of the fashion outfits. 

Reigning Queens also on stage to crown the new Queens. 

It would have been sweet if Brooklyn could have crowned her baby sister. But Brynlee didnt place. It's ok :(.   

This time last year at the pageant Queen Brooklyn was the big baby being held on the far right with the blue jean dress with the pink petti slip and boots. 

And this year she is a little bigger than her last picture as the 2013 Queen performing her Royalty duties. 

Pageants are just another sport. You do your best. You go in for the win.  And sometimes it's not all about the win.  It's about friends and about learning something new about yourself and seeing a new you. And this time seeing how far Brooklyn has come in a year. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Off Stage

I'm still obsessed with all things pageantry. I like the prep and the before and after. I'm like can't get enough.

A fancy little dress up benefit pageant with LA Wildlife & Fisheries. There were lots and lots of cuties. 

Brooklyn got best fashion in the 2-3 year olds. She was the youngest at just made 2years old lined up with 3 almost 4 year olds. Though no crown she held her own. 

Capturing a few outside after shots. 

At the benefit Wildlife, Brynlee was great for a 5 month old with all the other babies    up to 11 months. 

She was crowned Princess, next to Queen. Wanted Queen of course, but Princess is the next best thing. 

Another recent pageant, LA Little Miss, crowned both with Division Supreme.  This was a long day with beauty dress, outfit of choice, and Wizard of Oz theme wear.   

What could be more fun than a Cinderella  Local Preliminary? Why, winning of course.  And that's what they did.

Brooklyn still the youngest in the 2-3 age group managed to pull Cinderella Beauty as her placement next to the overall winner.  It's a big win. 

Brynlee claimed Cinderella Infant Overall Winner.  

Two Little Cinderellas. One crying. One with silly faces. 

Sorry to bore you with my obsession. But it's all in enjoyment that we do pageants. And when "we" go home with Crowns, banners, and trophies it's just like every other sport out there.  You just want to win!