Monday, February 18, 2013


Confession time for the slacker here. It was all about working my way up to the mile and a quarter. Well, I did but it took me longer than anticipated.

My new timing is a mile and a half at 15.20. Now to some that is really slow. But I am working my way up to the best speed in history. For me that is!

I confess I have not worked on this everyday like I had planned. There have been distractions. Good and bad distractions. For instance, lazy. I would rather sit there and watch reruns of 30 minute sitcoms. Then who wouldn't want to snuggle up on the couch when it's 40 degrees out? And when the rain sets in, I do too. And then there is always the excuse of "I'll start again tomorrow".

My reasoning to start this was for the Susan Komen Race for the Cure. I have to be the best on my team. I am a little competitive. Although, it doesn't seem like it since I am such a slacker.

But my main distraction has been two little cuties I can't get enough of. Enjoy this little photo shoot:

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love endures all.

Happy Valentines Day. We celebrate February 14 in many different ways. But what ever way you celebrate the day of love, remember to show it all year long, Not just today.

I made today special for my husband with a  heart cake baked by moi. Which was for me too! A one layer box mix white cake with  icing from a can with powered sugar mixed in it to make it thicker and tinted with pink food coloring.

Then there was the Valentine lunch, which was a week prior to Valentines's Day.


        And we shared
         it  at Joe's Crab
        You have to get
        crabs at a place
       called  Joe's  Crab

Husband did. I got  shrimp stuffed with crawfish. Nice and tasty. And a much needed get away.

And for valentine gifts to our kids and their families what better way to say Happy Valentines Day  than a cute Valentines Day Card. Like when they were school age and bought cute little valentine cards in a box to give out to the whole class and get one in return from each classmate. Except the one I give them gets delivered to their mailbox at their house with cash in it for their little family. That's a nice valentine.

And to my family a little Hi, love you card in the mail. It may or may not reach them on time. But, remember you should treat everyday like Valentines Day.

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My own little Valentine treat to myself from myself. I start buying these as soon as they go on the store shelves and I keep enough in my own stock to eat until the Easter candy comes out!

And special goodies for my two little Valentines.

I guess I am a Cupid!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Dates for the Week

A few plans for this week include Mardi Gras and Valentines Day and a Baby Sitting Day.

King cake in all of its royal goodness
Mardi Gras:: Mardi Gras is Tuesday, March 2nd.  We have attended Mardi Gras parades many times in the past, even in New Orleans. Though I won't attend a Mardi Gras Parade this year,  I plan to have a date with a King Cake. I have to at least acknowledge Mardi Gras, so I can indulge in the tradition and end Mardi Gras season with one more King Cake. We've been eating them for weeks now. I'm glad it's come to an end for this year.

My favorite King Cake has to be the blueberry cream cheese. You need to taste it.

Then there are plans for Valentines Day this week on Thursday. .  Plans will include more eating. To acknowledge the Day and indulge in the one thing that that is synonomous to Valentines Day. And that would be CHOCOLATES.  I usually get a box of chocolates from my Valentine date.  Plus, a little preparation for Valentines Day include Valentines cards and making Valentine goodie bags for my Valentines.

View photo.JPG in slide show

View photo.JPG in slide showBaby Sitting Day will be Tuesday, also. It will coincide with Mardi Gras. And I will be down home just 2 days before Valentines Day, so I can have all my important dates this week on one given day. Daycare is closed for Mardi Gras. So are all the schools. But doctor's offices are open for appointments as usual. So what's a baby to do when mommy goes to work? Well of course maw-maw to the rescue! So we will be spending the day together and will get to be with both my little Valentines.

Needless to say, my week is full. Three days of fun and 4 days of work.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013


It always happens . We always rush the spring season in. The weather teases us with high temps and sunny days and that's all it takes to get me in spring mode.

Even the garden centers in the stores tease you with blooming, budding, colors and ideas popping out at you everywhere. With gardens and patios and projects and everything outside calling your name.

My yard is screaming spring. Buds, flowers, new growth and little green things are poking themselves up out of the ground.

I'm calling it spring.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Long Monday

Outside my window... is dark. Its always dark on work days, cause I leave so doggone early. It's neither cold nor hot. Or either I am just a walking sleeping zombie from the backdoor to the carport to get in my car and leave for work, and the weather does not phase me. 

I am thinking... It is only Monday. It's been a long 12 hours at work. Can't wait for days off. 

In the kitchen... There has been no kitchen time for the past few days. It's been all about take-out, sandwich, or cereal. That's fine sometimes. Sometimes there is no other choice. No food in the house. I need to make a longggg grocery list. Seriously.

I am creating... Oh this one is good! I am creating a team t-shirt for our team with the Susan Komen Race for the Cure,  The design just came to me as a light bulb being turned on while at work. I sketched it out on a napkin. And it just came to me so fast. I couldn't believe. It is an awesome design and can't wait to share it. You will be surprised. I hope I am not the only one who thinks it is an awesome creation.

I am going... to participate in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure on Mach 2nd.  I joined a team. I am working on my run/walk and am going to wear my team t-shirt!! 

I am looking forward to... this month. I love February. Because of birthdays, valentines, buds start to appear on the trees and shrubs and plants. Which means spring is on its way. Yayyy!!!

Around the house... Everything is in the same category as the above "in the kitchen". There is no time for around the house. Too many hours at work, means too much being left undone around the house. Clothes only get washed if something is needed. Bed not made for days in a row. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...: This week the house is #1 priority to get it back in shape. Second priority is my mile running/walking, with plans to get the mile and a quarter down so I can work up to the mile and a half. Then there are flowers and trees and shrubs that need prunning, fertilizing, and a little talking too. And there is a gift card to use at Joes Crab Shack. See, still nothing happening in the kitchen.

A peek into my day... If you peeked into my day today it would not be good. Bad day at work!

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