Friday, September 28, 2018

A Quilting Mini Series: A Quilt Along

Everything you need to know about quilting you can find online. I’m following a Facebook quilt along group testing a quilt pattern. I’m a tester. This quilt isn’t particularly my style. There are too many small pieces and HST’s (half-square-triangles). My oh my! I didn’t like them at first, but in the second week I’m getting more comfortable with them.

Sarah, the designer calls it The Fall Quilt. I can guarantee mine will not turn out like this. Mine will have a look of it’s own, and not on purpose. This is the look we’re suppose to be going for.

Week 1 in the quilt along was creating just the tree. My tree had 2 mishap leaves. But I did go back and correct them in week 2. And I need to shave off some of the tree trunk. It should be nice and straight.

Week 2 was the borders and big corner leaves. So far the fabric is all from what I have from previous projects. The instructions are for a 52” square lap quilt. But I want at least a twin/day bed size. So I will add my finishing touch at the end to accommodate my liking.

I’m all caught up on the quilt along. Just waiting for week 3 instructions. Week 3 is another round of some form of leaves. And then week 4 is the final week of the quilt along to finish and presentation to the group on their FB page. I’ll be glad to finish it. I’m not a fan of this pattern process. But I do like the look of it.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Quilting Mini Series: Country Moo

This Country Moo quilt was made from a cow fabric print and blues and browns and whites left over from other projects and turning it into a country farmhouse look.

Some quilts I make for a purpose. Some are made just to make or to try a new method. This quilt was just made for the cow and the blues. Looks a bit crowded or busy with the fabrics. But has a country farm look. Hi

I did purchase the backing fabric and of course the batting and more thread. It takes a lot of thread to put together a quilt and then to quilt it. I spend a lot of time winding bobbins. It takes like 5 bobbins or more just in the quilting process, not counting the sewing of the quilt top. Just a little FYI there.

This Country Moo Quilt was just finished about a month ago. There are several quilts waiting in the wings to be quilted. I’m on a roll so I’ll have quite a few to tell-all show-all in the coming weeks.

Quilts are made to be used. I wash and tumble dry them when needed. And there are brand new, never used quilts stacked away that I’m saving for a rainy day.

Monday, September 24, 2018

A Quilting Mini Series

I dabble in many hobbies. Some die a sudden death, because I’m not good at them. Other hobbies have stuck with me thru thick and thin like quilting. I’ve been around quilting/quilters my entire life. Only natural I took to it. So the next few weeks I’ll tell-all show-all about my recent quilting activities. Recent posts show a few quilts from this year. 

Most of the quilts come from a vision I have and then evolve as I proceed. There  are a lot of free patterns online that I do consider and use. Some traditional. Some with a modern look. And I like using fabric panels also like this. 

The center large flower is the panel. There was also a coordinating fabric that I purchased, and then other fabrics from my stash to piece all around the panel. 

The colors are bright and pop right at you to make a bold statement. 

I really like the they yellow dot to keep the bright and bold look. Its a nice size of 68"x92".

There are several quilts waiting in the wings to either be finished or to be quilted.  I’m on a roll so I’ll have quite a few to make and show.

P.S.  A teaser for you: think sailing away, ahoy!, sailor boy. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

More Soccer

Still on the soccer field for a few more weekends till the season ends.

It’s the fall first day of fall, too. But couldn’t tell it with the temperature so hot and everyone sweating. And not a fall leaf insight.

Love my soccer star.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Mini Series Coming Up. But First Soccer

Another round of spring soccer is in full swing with only one grand participating. The team players are extremely cute and say the darndest things. Two parents were yelling at their daughter to “get in there, kick the ball, go, hurry, hurry, get it.” The little girl turned around, with hands on hips, and yells back “I’ve told you I don’t want to play this game.” Yes, we all know too well that we want them together play. Maybe they really don’t want to play.

Anyways, so far this one is totally into his games. Luckily for all involved it’s only an 8 week season.

It’s an hour of running, kicks, saves, steals, out of bounds, scores, whistle blowing, and break time. Enjoy these pictures of my soccer star.

P.S. Mini series tell-all begins tomorrow.