Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year Festivities

My Happy New Year party was a few days ahead of the real New Year's Eve. I spent two days with the little ones and we had our own party. 

It may or may not have been a forced party when it came time to do selfies. 

But with a few bribes and a lot of retakes we made it thru the picture session. 

Sorry, but I'm gonna get some pictures. This may be my only proof of a New Years Eve Party. 

More selfies to get in the mood. 

We had the noise makers and the 2017 glasses and New Year hats to make it official.

Our party food was pizza, holiday cupcakes and ice cream. 

And more selfies.

The end!! 

Happy New Year!







and Christmas came

A favorite holiday that goes by too fast with family and friends and too much food and gifts. But I love it. 

We enjoyed the traditional food spread. 

We always read the Christmas Story, The Newborn King, from the same book every year making it a Christmas tradition. 

The adults draw names and and we pass around the gifts with ooh's and ahh's and some haha's. And the little kids are loaded up with gifts too. The little ones wanted to play santa and pass out the gifts to everyone. It was sweet they wanted to "give" the gifts out. That may we'll be a new tradition. 

It's more than just about the gifts. The reason why we give gifts. Jesus is the reason for the season.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Toy Soldier

There's a Christmas Toy Soldier in my life. I've been working on it for a week now. 

Since it's a girl toy soldier, the top has a twirl to it, stripes down the sleeves and straps across the chest. Red and gold bling everywhere. Pants with side stripe like every toy soldier/nut cracker has. And black boots for sure. 

After looking at hundreds of Christmas Toy Soldier's helmets online I decided on what style I would make. Trust me when I say no two helmets are exactly alike. Even while in malls with Christmas Toy Soldiers on display, I would stop and take note of every detail. 

This helmet has a feather, gold trim to match the top and pants, black bib, and black chin strap. 

I cut and formed a heavy sheet of sewing stabilizer interfacing into the size and shape of the helmet,  then sandwiched it with thin quilt batting on one side and gold sequin fabric on the other side, using spray adhesive to adhere in layers. I did the bib the same, then hot glued the bib to the helmet edge. Then hot glued all the embellishments and attached an elastic sequin band for the chin strap. 

And a Christmas Toy Soldier can't be without her shoulder tassel decoration, for lack of proper term. 

It's for a 2 and 1/2 year old who is going to be a Christmas Toy Soldier for a day.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

First Days of the Holiday Season

The tree is up. With Christmas music playing in the background as I decorate the tree, I'm reminiscing of the ornaments from the past 40 years. It got kinda sappy  with all the reminiscing and stuff. 

It's time to pass the kids personal ornaments on to them. The Hallmark's "Baby's First Christmas" from the 80's presented to them by an aunt on each of their first Christmas. Each an angel ornament from their early daycare years Christmas party.  And a few other individual ornaments from their young days.

The stockings are hung, the candles are out, the Nativity scene is set, and one of my favorite Santa and Rudolph sets are ready. They're all old and have been used every Christmas for years. Rudolph's tail is broken. 

The first party of the Christmas season to attend was an engagement party. Though, not Christmas themed, it was beautiful for Trent and Natalie with tree lights, fire pit, good gumbo, family and friends. 

Me, Natalie, Trent. 

Shopping is 75% completed. Waiting on the UPS and FedEx guys to deliver. I got a little carried away sitting on the couch in pj's shopping online. I miss the hustle and bustle of the stores and malls during the holiday season. So will have to make a trip to the mall to get my hustle and bustle and last minute items.