Sunday, November 26, 2017

and there was Thanksgiving

It's been a month full of Thanksgiving events for me. 

When one group game over for the day, the little guy stayed over for a few days and his mom and dad went home. We had a bon fire, built some lego things inside, and stayed up late into the night. 

Grandparents Thanksgiving lunch at school with the 3 year old. A room full of 3 year olds and Mawmaw and pawpaws and 2 teachers. We did a craft and then had lunch.


We attended a fall dance recital for these two. 

The arrow shows where our dancer is. 

A super fun entertaining night.

Thanksgiving Day was traditional food, family and friends. Some were missing and a few new faces at the table. Our emtertainment for the day was a turkey shoot with nerf guns and turkey paper plates. 

No real turkeys or real kids were harmed.