Monday, August 24, 2015

On the wild side

The weekend was far from wild.  But the scenes out my living room window was on the wild side. 

On Saturday immediately after lunch just outside the window and across from the porch this deer caught my eye. Certainly not wild as long as I didn't open the door. So I watched from the window.

Then there was Sunday. Same time of day, same window view, the wilds of nature appear. Momma and baby fawn prancing around right in front of me with a wall of windows between us.

So cute!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunburst Nationals

The third level of the Sunburst competition was in Atlanta. Check out the local preliminary here and the tri state level here. So with our winnings from those, we proceeded to the final level. 

Four days of fun. Five-hundred-eighty-one contestants from newborn to mid twenties. Yes, 581 beautiful girls in one place. Five outfit changes and five times on stage. And everything I love about natural pageants filled the air. 

Brooklyn called it a Pageant Party.

This one is named Pageant-Dog. The dog was always in the lobby area of the ball room. 

The red carpet was ready and waiting.

They kept going back for more. 

A long wait.

Which hair doo is the best?

Or curls that didn't hold very long?

The results -
Brynlee out of 43 (0-15 month olds)
2nd in composite
3rd in photogenic
And placed #14 out of 43

Brooklyn out of 44 (2 year olds)
Placed #11 out of 44. Almost made the top 10.
Didn't place in any competition. But every girl was a winner for doing her best.

Maybe a little disappointing for no queen title to take home, but there's no giving up. There's always next year. 


Monday, August 17, 2015

Don't Look

MawMaw's summer stay-cation celebrated the end of summer with a pizza party and a movie. And plenty of picture overload. So fair warning to you. 

These two will always be my "twins". Cousins at only 9 weeks apart. 

No one feels that way but me. Their moms call me crazy.

But they are too dog gone cute. 

And this is the baby till the next one comes. 

Plenty of sweet fun that should last me awhile. 

There's always MawMaw's Christmas vacation.