Friday, July 23, 2021

Let’s Have A Heart to Heart Talk

 Well, it’s a talk about a heart quilt. There’s several heart quilt patterns out there that I like. One is beautiful with a lot of piecing called Exploding Heart, and one is cute that’s really simple and doesn’t need much thinking about the layout called Have A Heart. If you’ve seen my past work, you know I’m all about simple, quick, large construction. So, of course, I choose to do the big simple construction. 

This quilt started as a vision for a wedding gift for someone I’ve only met online on a crafting Facebook page. Her wedding is October. I’m preparing it for shipping to her now. 

I do know that blues and greens are her favorite colors. You learn a lot about people you are obsessed with on Facebook crafting pages. This heart form is made using almost 3 fabric jelly rolls and the background is almost 3 white fabric jelly rolls. Remember, I said it’s simple. Sew the printed jelly roll strips end to end, cut to specifications in the pattern instructions to form the heart and add the white strip lengths per specifications in the pattern instructions. Then sew the created strips together side to side to complete the quilt top.

The left over strips were enough to use for the binding to be matchy-match. And the backing is a medium blue and white small print. Quilted on domestic machine with large space stippling effect.

This quilt says a lot—it’s looks cool, summery, light weight, romantic, looks like home. Hoping the young newlyweds like it and know it’s a gift from my heart for them to use and treasure for years to come. 

This is one for the road, literally. It’s on its way to Georgia! 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Summer Birthdays

Rounding out our summer birthdays is Cohen turning 9 in one week. I get to celebrate with him early cause they leave on his birthday for Florida vacation. He’ll be birthday celebrating two or more times. 

I brought the party to him. I ordered and picked up the cookie cake, candles,  a few presents, and a few decorations. 

His mom and dad will give him a fantastic party with their friends all on vacation next week. But this mawmaw is not going to miss celebrating him so I bring a party to him a week early. 

Happy Birthday Cohen. Oldest of the grands who holds the fort down when they all together.