Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All this with in 5 hours

4:45 pm - searching desperately for an important paper for my boss at work so I can leave at 5 o'clock.. I don't even think that correspondence has come across my desk.  he thinks it is very important. I don't, especially not at 5pm. I didn't find it.

6:00 pm - started supper, thunder storm arises, lights went out. uncooked chicken and gooey rolls are not very appetizing. we had to eat ham sandwiches.

7:00 pm - luckily lights are back on and I get to watch the re-runs of last weeks 1st episode of the new season of dwts for a whole hour until they have the live elimination at 8 pm.  why they do that I don't have a clue. during commercials I cleaned the kitchen from supper and ran the sweeper over the floors. 

9:00 pm - the dog needed a bath. but, instead I spent 45 minutes combing her and trimming her facial hair while she stood on the bath room counter. I think she liked the brisk combing I was doing to her. Then, I had to re-sweep the bathroom and clean the counter.

10:00 pm - did my 20 minute dumb bell workout.

10:45 pm - trying to come up with a good excuse to use to call into work the next morning.

I don't have time for work.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


To a happy couple.

Jennifer and Chris.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bayou Baby

It's not a baby creature I would want to play with, but makes for good conversation.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Truck

My new wheels. Didn't want one just yet. Had no choice. One truck wrecked. One truck as replacement.

I do love it though.


Monday, March 21, 2011


I finally got to award my trophys to the anglers.

First catch trophy to Trent.  Biggest catch trophy to Trent. Most fish caught to Larry.
Unusual catch to Trent.  Runner Up to Brandon.  And Champion Angler of the day to Trent.

Even though Chris, Tyler, and Joe didn't get to make the first trip, they still got an award.
Joe excited for his tournament medal. He wants that big trophy to be his on the next trip.
I had fun anyway. We'll see how the next trip goes.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Spring

Of course I'm loving it. I saw these tulips at a nursery. I would love to have a tulip field like this. But I know it will never happen. I'm not that good at it.
So, I'll tend to my little bit of flowers that I can sit at the dining table and look out at.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

F.I.S.H. 101

The family guys had their first family fishing tournament. Planned by me. They set out on an early Friday morning with equipment, food and drinks, and camera in hand.

    Although  I was not along for the day, I did request, demand, and expect pictures. I got 4 pictures from them.  Less than what I wanted, expected, or asked for. But, I gladly accepted what I was given.  
Only 3 participants on this day.    But still competition.


The catch.

And a scenic view of their location.

Now, to get the trophys awarded, soon.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


  • a wrecked truck - It wasn't me who wrecked it. Husband wrecked his Mazda truck he drives to work everyday. Only the 4 th wreck of that truck in the 5 years we've been here that a large animal has been hit. This time there is no salvaging it. The sad part is it was a great gas saver for his 86 mile one way to work and 86 mile one way home from work. So with gas now 3.00 + a gallon, what are we to do?
  • "Dancing with the Stars" --I like watching "dancing with the stars". Though this is the 12th season ,this will be my 2nd season to "have" to watch it. I've never had any interest in it before. I watched it last season because of Jennifer Gray and Bristol Palin. I kinda wanted to see them fight it out -- the best and the worst.  This season I read Kristy Alley is on it. I like her movies and I like her personality.  So I'm gonna pull for her, whether she can dance or not. We'll see Monday night.
  • projects -- I have some incompleted projects that are wayyyyyy overdue. There is this foot stool I've covered for someone and need to get it back to them. P.S. I have not been using it for my personal use. Just lazy I guess. It's on its way to you.  And a couple of projects I have taken from people to quilt and have not done that either. I'm on top of that now, and you will have it back before you know it. 
  • work --  42 weeks left for me to work; that's 294 days till January 2012;  that's 210 work days; and if 8 holidays and 5 vacation days and 5 misc days are subtracted that leaves me with 192 work days. 
  • groceries -- I am not fond of grocery shopping. Because, drive to the grocery store, push cart around each isle putting groceries in cart. Take groceries out of cart and onto checkout stand. Take from checkout stand and put back in the cart. Push cart out to vehicle and take groceries out of the cart and put them in the vehicle. Drive home. Take groceries out of the vehicle and put on counter. Take groceries out of bag and put in pantry. Then finally take out of pantry, cook, and eat. See? But I do like to eat.
Now its your turn. Confess something in the comment you leave for me.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Molly enjoying her self out on the patio. Sunning and napping.

Wish that was me.

Pictures contributed by Jennifer.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Time is flying by. Time does not stand still. Time waits for no one.
Seems like just yesterday me and larry were just wee little ones ourselves, with no responsibilities.  Just eating, sleeping, and playing. 

Now, with a full work day everyday, with home responsibilities everyday, it doesn't leave much time to do what I want to do, what I need to do. I tell myself soon I'll have more time. Soon I can stop and smell the roses. Soon I can do what is really important..

But until then. Until I can stop and take care of the most important things for family and friends, and  the small, trivial things, that really in truly mean so much to them and me, I will have to take the beaten path to work and back home every single day.

Sorry, just daydreaming. . I need a day off. Work will always be there. I need a piece of cake..



Thursday, March 10, 2011


The family guys like to fish. So they planned a fishing trip with just the 4 guys. They would meet, fish, and go home. What kind of plan is that?
 Personally, I like planning things. So I took over the planning. I'm planning on making this fishing trip a family fishing tournament. What does a tournament have? Trophys, of course.   On a side note, I planned this without telling the participants because I knew they would not go for it. I found trophys on line for a mere $2.65 each plus with fish figures on them and everything..

That fits just perfectly into my plan! Now, the only problem is to get the trophys in and present the awards .

Plan 1.  Trophys are ordered.

.Plan 2. I instruct the participants( aka. the family guys) to take pictures with their cell phones of their day. I need pictures to document the day -- biggest fish, most fish, unusal catch, group pictures of them in the boats, snacking, bait, at the dock, arriving, leaving, etc. If  I were there, I would have plenty of pictures. But I have to demand pictures from them or else.
this was my catch on a fishing trip a while back. No, I really wasn't scared of the little fish and
I would have probably won smallest fish trophy..

Plan 3. Arrange a day for us all (guys, girls, and kids) to get together and have the awards presentation.  And there I will give out the trophys.

Plan 4. Since we are a fishing family. My plan is for this to be an ongoing fishing season tournament. So every fishing trip each participant will have a chance to prove he (or she, hopefully the girls can participate some) is the best angler out of the group.
picture from a while back, fish caught out of the pond and would have won biggest catch.

The trophys will be for biggest fish, most fish, unusal catch, and particiapant. And then an overall trophy cup  for the best angler of the day. The best angler of the day takes the trophy cup home, but can only keep it till the next fishing trip and has to pass it on to the next best angler of the day. That way there is  strong competition to be able to keep the trophy cup. And just have fun in the sun.
Tyler on a fishing trip last year

Ok, ready, set, go.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Julie's Birthday

Happy Birthday Julie . . . .
Celebrated with cake, gifts, and food for the 25 year old who is studying for her Masters at Southeastern, working on campus in the Dean's office, and finding time for her husband, home, and family.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cake to Celebrate

A king cake that is....

Mardi Gras is today. Usually the ones I find in the stores here are not that tasty. They are shipped in from elsewhere. Not like the real king cakes from NO or BR for that matter.

And some beads to add to the  partying. 
Peg sent me these, along with a few others I had in my stash,
Bobbie is eating king cake today too.
Happy Fat Tuesday.



YOE II is in full swing for the second year.

January was "dressed for winter".

Does this look like a tree sprinkled in snow? I hope that's what it looks like, cause that's what I made for my ornament.
I cut a tree shape out of felt. I have yards and yards of this pretty ribbon. I wrapped the ribbon  round and round, starting at the bottom of the tree shape. I hand stitched the ribbon on to the felt with invisible thread to hold the ribbon permanently in place. Round and round to the top of the tree shaped felt. I tacked on a little ribbon bow with a loop to hang from the tree.  Then, I had a can of spray glitter paint. I sprayed the entire completed ribbon tree. (I was not sure weather to do this or not, not knowing what would happen to the shape or to the ribbon) But, alas, all was fine. Glitter is sprinkled over the tree. The spray glitter paint did make the completed tree a little stiff. But that is a good thing. A few days later, I added another coat of glitter spray for a little more snow effect. It was really easy, using stuff I had on hand, and making it up as I went along

February theme was a gnome home.  I really couldn't think on this one. I had no idea what to do. Finally, this gnome home evolved. The red checked kinda had the idea of a brick house for the gnome and the leaf print roof kinda had the idea of tree limbs with leaves.  Then it kinda had the idea that it could belong to one of the three pigs who had the brick house.

Whats a gnome home without a couple of gnomes? I also sent 2 little gnome people I found in the summer garden isle at the dollar store.

My January dressed for winter I received were these cute cute cute red birds. A felted stuffed one, and two hand painted ones.