Thursday, May 14, 2015

A B&B and 1K

The B&B would be my own personal Bed and Breakfast. I get to stay here on certain occasions. Driving in on a Friday nite and staying a day or two. 

So inviting. But, I'm not the only VIP that gets a room. Her other friends and family also have their share of stays. 

This trip was to help with a garage sale we've been planning. And this was the weekend for it. 

That's where the 1K comes in. Almost $1000 in goods was sold. Actually just over $800. That's almost $1000. 

Minus expenditures on lunch with pizza delivery for the workers (aka family).

There were a lot of people shopping the sale. Cars and trucks parked up and down the street continuously. Until around 2 when the rains came tumbling down. 

Wish she had more stuff to sell. I think she could have sold everything in her house had she tried. 

Either she is a good seller. Or it was the perfect day for a garage sale.