Monday, December 17, 2018

A Quilting Mini Series: The Final Episode

This quilt  is fitting for the season with the ugly sweater party but instead the ugly quilt party. This quilt top was made a few years ago and put away and just now made it to the top of the pile to be quilted.

I liked it in the beginning because of the bright yellow and greens. Now that I see it again, the big brown in the center does nothing for the bright green, blue, and yellow. That's why I'm calling it the ugly one.

The good thing about this one is the size. It is a nice 72"x90" and a nice weight. Not too light weight and not heavy at all. It would be nice if the brown wasn't there, I think. 

Its completed and one day it'll have a home.

This is the last of the Quilting Mini Series. There have been about 12 quilts I've made in the last 8 or 9 months that included:
     Country cow quilt
     Flower center panel quilt
     Carousel horse quilt
     Peacock quilt
     Sailboat quilt
     Personal photo dirtbike quilt
     Carpenter's star pinktastic quilt
     Cat quilt
     Fall quilt along
     Lazy Goose quilt
     Ugly quilt

 There is Christmas stuff to do now, so I should lay off the quilting for now, unless I can throw in a Christmas quilt or two or three. I do have many quilts on the drawing board to make and a few waiting in the wings to be quilted. I'll show them now and then as they are completed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A Quilting Mini Series: Lazy Goose

NOTE: You may can see the pictures now. Don't know what the problem was earlier.

The pattern is called “lazy goose” and I purchased the pattern and the fabrics for the top in a quilt kit from a lady’s Facebook site called SewTrendyMN. I’m addicted to her. She has an awesome quilt/fabric studio and has a live show every Friday nite with sales on fabrics, patterns, and things she sees. The kit had just enough fabric to make the top with the blues and the white and the pattern was on a post-card size cardstock. How easy and quick can that be?

And it was super easy, super quick. There is a common block called “flying geese” and this seems to be just a bigger version and called “lazy goose”. The colors in the kit are so pretty and bold and look great.

I love, love, love this look. It’s a modern look with pretty blues. I have a yellow and gray matching fabric bundle from her also and I’m thinking of making this again in those colored.

The backing is a blue print and kind of matches the blues ont the top. The quilting lines are straight across and then connecting v shapes in the blue triangles. This is s great go to pattern for a quick quilt.

I may just keep this one for awhile!

A Quilting Mini Series: A Personal Touch

A cute, cute quilt for my little guy. Do you know you can print a cell photo on fabric? Yes you can, either at home on your own printer or an online fabric site. I wanted a bigger piece of printed fabric than my home printer would print. If you’ve learned anything about me in my Mini Quilting Series, you should know I go big or go home. So I uploaded this photo to Spoonflower fabrics online.

She worked with it to get it to a 24”x36” fabric print. I was more than excited!! And I couldn’t wait to see the final result of the quilt.

The black/white gives it the checkered flag race look and I framed the picture fabric panel with fabrics on hand. Th backing is soft cuddly navy minky fabric.

It meets my expectations and I love it. So did Cohen. He and his parents just moved into a new house and now he has two new quilts just for his new room. Look a few post back at the sailboat quilt. That was just made for him last month in the colors his mom had picked for his new room - gray, teal blue, and a touch of orange. And they love boating.

The quilts have been presented to him and already in use.