Monday, November 25, 2013


We're right in the line of Winter Storm Boreas. Except we're getting the rain. Not really that cold. But a little rain all day long. And all night, so far. 

And looks like more to come. 

I prefer no rain and sunny hot days. This duo was up and out of their bed and took a stroll past my window recently. 

Back to sewing again. Another Christmas candy dress. Not quite finished. A shiny sparkly candy came applique of some sort will go on the front bodice. 

I'm focusing also on Thanksgiving. This time of the year I sure do notice those standing on the corners with signs asking  for help. I saw someone holding a sign asking for gas right next to the gas station I was stopping at. I was on empty. I needed gas too. I split my gas allowance with him. Hopefully it made a difference for him. 


Friday, November 22, 2013

Candy Christmas

It's a dress for Candy Land Christmas. There are several Christmas events and Christmas pageants we'll be participating in over the next few weeks. So a special Christmas dress is in the works.


It's a red and white, shiny, glittery, full, flouncy 2 layer, empire, fish-line skirt with a ribbon and candy cane bodice.


And a big bow tied in the back. 


The red and white ripple hem looks like the hard rock ribbon candy. The left side of the skirt you see in the picture does lay in a ripple effect also, but after seeing the picture I see I didn't lay it correctly.


Paired with a white with red petti skirt underneath (on order from etsy at at blowout deal of $10 !!!), a big Christmas hair bow (yet to be made), and white ruffle socks adorned with red satin ribbon and white shoes will certainly make for Candy Land Christmas.

I've used the same pattern all year now. The one I drew on paper from measurements I took and I just adjust it here and there to make up the design I envision. You can see the other outfits here:
and here:

One weeks work accomplished. And ready to create something else. 


Thursday, November 21, 2013


The weather was fall-ish, which made it a great for being outside. Not hot. Not cold. Perfect temp. leaves floating to the ground as they fell from the trees, crackling and crumbling beneath shoes as we walked, ran and kicked thru the carpet of leaves. 

It was a day of sticks and leaves. 

And pawpaws big toys.

This could possibly be her very first stick.

Snack and fake food play. 

No one wanted to come inside. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


There is a National Cinderella Pageant Program. We entered Brooklyn in it. We meaning her mom. I'm just along for the excitement. 

We are into the pageant scene. Just kinda got hooked on it. Brooklyn is the participant and me and Jennifer are enjoying it. Though we don't always win queen, we have met other sweet mommas and grandmas. And have had some fun times.

The Cinderella Pageant is a 3 decade scholarship pageant and from what I have researched it will be an amazing experience. 

It's a 3 tier program. First a local preliminary competition. Then state competition. Then finals at the national level. 

On November 3, Brooklyn competed at the local level in the baby division. 
Baby division awards are Overall, Beauty, Personality, and Photogenic.  The older divisions also have talent and interviews. 

Our Brooklyn placed Baby Cinderella Beauty.  She is invited to the Louisiana State Cinderella Level. How awesome is that!! 

This is the picture we tried to take as we 
were leaving. She was not having a picture.  Aww, poor Cinderella crying.

And then this is after she got home with no shoes, no bow, banner on wrong, but not crying. 

This was Sunday. Didnt know why she was so unhappy until the next day. Seems she was at the doctor's office bright and early diagnosed with an ear infection. 

Check it out at


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Christmas Must Do Task

I know you must be thinking about the Christmas Season. Even though Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So lets get one Christmas task taken care of. The Dreaded must do Christmas card, Christmas letter, or Christmas family picture card.I t should be the most easiest of all holiday task. Because just how easy is it to talk about yourself. Though we may dread the task of doing it, in the end it's a must do and you're pleased with yourself that you completed that task and it makes for a Merry Christmas for all.

The Christmas family picture card is possibly the most popular. Though, it takes a lot of work. Coordinating the outfits, the time and place for the picture, or choosing the best picture from the whole year that you have stored on some  electronic device,  then choosing the cutest background and words and ordering thru retail or printing them yourself.

Last year mine ended up being a New Year's picture card of the dog.

I didn't do any type of Christmas card whatsoever last year. I did buy a generic box of Christmas cards, signed and addressed some of them, but they never made it to the U S Postal Service.

I like getting Christmas family picture cards from friends and family.

But, I actually love the idea of writing (and mailing)  real letters all throughout the year. And receiving them. Notice I said I love the idea. Not that I actually do it. But this year I want to write the infamous yearly holiday newsletter. Where you tell of all your family news. Where you try to look really really good on paper.

Never mind that it could be so simple to send Christmas greeting by writing and clicking through facebook, twitter, blogging, email, texting, and whateveer other ways I'm not aware of.

This year I want to do the yearly pen to paper (via computer) holiday newsletter. Is anyone with me on this? Or am I the only strange one?

I've googled some interesting tips for us to create the best Christmas holiday newsletter of all.

  • use holiday stationary which you can buy almost anywhere you can find office supplies or you can even find printables online
  • use a generic greeting so you don't have to change the greeting for each person, ex: Merry Christmas, Dear Loved Ones, or Tis the Season
  • one page newsletter only, attention spans are short, hit the highlights of your year 
  • adding a small picture that doesn't need an explanation is ok 
  • it's ok to share a sadness, the recipients are your friends and family and they do care
Whether you are doing traditional Christmas cards or picture Christmas cards or electronic greetings or the yearly Christmas holiday newsletter, you need to get started now. Stay on top of it, give yourself a time frame to start and complete the task and have it out of the way and ready to send in plenty of time to focus on The Reason For The Season.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Short Story

Running around playing together .

Time out. Taking a break. Talking. 

Brooklyn says, "I'll kiss you."
Cohen says, "Eww, no!"

Cohen escapes the kiss and sits on her before she can get up. 

Acting out their roles perfectly. 


Friday, November 8, 2013


(I'm a few weeks late on this news.)
Our wedding anniversary was last month. 
39 years. 

It's been good, bad, and ugly. 
It's true. We're not perfect. But we must be perfect for each other. 

It all began the summer of 1974. I won't drag you thru all the years of details. It was a long time ago. 

We had a wedding, jobs, a house, 3 babies to raise for practically 20 years of their life, and all the in between, up to now. 

Whew!! Wow!! OMG!!

It was a whirlwind. Never knowing what was around the corner or what we would face the very next moment. 

But like all newly weds, it starts out fun, exciting, with goals, and visions of life together forever.  And bumps and turns appear and things happen that will either make you or break you. 

It takes two. You can't do it alone. No matter how hard you try. 

We made it over our bumps and turns. Thankfully. And consider ourselves gliding and cruising along our merry little way. 

Happy Anniversary to me!

This year we stayed home and ordered take out food from the nearest corner grocery/deli. And then waited till the weekend and dined at a steak house to celebrate again.  


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let them eat cake

That's just what we did for our October family birthdays. 

Celebrating Trent's 28th and Brooklyn's 1 at a small family dinner. 

We can always find a reason to celebrate and birthdays are one of the special reasons. God gave us the gift of life, it's up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. 

So we make a big deal of birthdays because God made a big deal of choosing to give us life. 

Happy Birthday Trent and Brooklyn.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Haul

Though we have no trick or treaters out in our part of the wilderness, I still put my jack o lanterns out. 

Some pumpkins lighted up. 

 Some with candy.

I used this kind of pumpkin when I was a little trick or treater, back in the day. And they still make them for today's trick or treaters. 

No, I have not eaten all the candy. I plan on it lasting thru the next holiday. Then I'll put the candy in another holiday decorative container. 

Even the little trick or treaters missed the fun of filling their trick or treat bags with goodies because of the weather. 

One little train engineer. And one little lady bug. 

At least there is a picture to document the nite of dress up. Even if only for a few minutes.